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SEC Game of the Week
South Florida 26 ... Auburn 23 OT
South Florida forced overtime when Delbert Alvrarado, who had missed three earlier field goals and got one blocked, nailed an 18-yarder, and then answered a 39-yard Wes Byrum field goal with a perfect strike from Matt Grothe to Jessie Hester for a 14-yard touchdown and the upset. USF got up 14-3 in the first quarter on a Grothe one-yard run and a two-yard Mike Ford dash, but Auburn responded with a four-yard Mario Fanin scoring run and a three-yard Gabe McKenzie touchdown catch. However, the Tigers only managed two field goals after halftime and finished with five turnovers. The two teams combined to convert just six of 30 third down chances.

SEC Player of the Week
LSU RB Keiland Williams ran seven times for 126 yards and two touchdowns and caught two passes for ten yards in the 48-7 win over Virginia Tech.

Conference Roundup
Alabama … Nick Saban has wanted to run the ball from the beginning, and while Terry Grant had a nice first day against Western Carolina, that was Western Carolina. Vanderbilt has a veteran defense that's better than it'll probably get credit for, and Grant ran through it without a problem to now give defensive coordinators something major to worry about. However, now John Parker Wilson has to get on track. He wasn't bad against Vandy, but he was a bit off. The defense was excellent at clamping down on the dangerous Earl Bennett. Now the real test comes against the Arkansas running game.
Arkansas … Didn’t Play This Week
Auburn … Where are the offensive playmakers? No one around the program appeared to be worried this off-season, but Brandon Cox isn't making his receivers any better and there's no real help from the running game. The real issue is Cox, who only completed 16 of 35 passes, threw two interceptions, and came close to throwing more. The Tigers need to quickly discover some semblance of consistency on offense, which is why Tommy Tuberville's decision to sit on the ball and go to overtime, rather than try for a few out plays to set up a long field goal attempt, was so curious. Defensively, Quentin Groves was unstoppable. It'll be lost in the aftermath, but he had ten quarterback hurries.
Florida … Call the win over Troy the perfect scenario for the Gator coaching staff. The outcome was never in doubt after a huge first half, but a sloppy second half, two fumbles, and 11 penalties for 104 yards will let Urban Meyer yell at his guys about focusing for a full sixty minutes before the showdown with Tennessee. Tim Tebow has been terrific so far, and Kestahn Moore had a good game running the ball. Percy Harvin has had a nice start to the season and has to be the number two concern for defensive coordinators behind Tebow. He's proving to be too dangerous to not always know where he is, even if he only got the ball in his hands seven times.
Georgia … As good as the Georgia offense looked at times against Oklahoma State, that's how stagnant it became against South Carolina. Matthew Stafford took a step back, mainly because he receiving corps struggled, but on the plus side, Knowshon Moreno had a great day and showed he can handle himself as a centerpiece back if he gets more work. Unfortunately, there's no more margin for error in the SEC and there's a trip to Alabama ahead. To get back on track, finishing off drives with touchdowns instead of field goals is a must, and that'll come with better play on third downs. That'll come with better play from the passing game. That's what Western Carolina is for next week.
Kentucky … Kentucky was really looking ahead to Louisville ... right. The Wildcats did a great job of adjusting and opening things up against Kent State in the second half as several different players got involved and rolled up 484 yards of total offense. The run defense had no chance against the Golden Flash duo of Julian Edelman and Eugene Jarvis, allowing 324 rushing yards, but it's not like Brian Brohm is going to rumble like Edelman can. Once again, UK proved to be an explosive team that can hang with anyone as long as it doesn't make a slew of mistakes.
LSU … This wasn't Mississippi State or Middle Tennessee that LSU steamrolled over; it was Virginia Tech. All questions about the offense appear to have been answered after rolling out close to 600 yards, while the defense was simply stifling for a full sixty minutes. The mix is perfect with the talent on the defensive line looking like the brick wall it was expected to be, while the speed in the back seven is blinding. Now it's up to the coaching staff to get the ball to Keiland Williams more. He showed signs of being truly special, but he likely won't see much time next week against the Blue Raiders. Neither will most of the starters.
Ole Miss … While it's never a positive to lose at home, even against a great team like Missouri, there are several big positives to get excited about going into the SEC season. BenJarvus Green-Ellis was tremendous as both a workhorse and a focal point. The bigger key was the passing of Seth Adams, who bombed away in comeback mode and got the Rebels back into the game. The offense couldn't do anything on three late drives, but this was still a great day for the offense. Now the defense has to start generating some pressure into the backfield and the secondary has to improve in a big hurry.
Miss State … Basically, MSU gave up one big play to Tulane that kept it close early, and then the defense took over, holding the Green Wave to eight first downs and 243 yards of total offense. Anthony Dixon became the workhorse he needs to be to take the pressure off of QB Michael Henig, who didn't have a great game, but it was good enough considering the defense and ground attack were able to control things. To beat Auburn, Henig has to be mistake free, while the defense has to shut down the run. The team might be closer to being competitive in the SEC than it appears.
South Carolina … The defense held firm when it had to against Georgia, making up for an offense that lacked much in the way of pop. Getting the early Cory Boyd touchdown meant everything, considering the Dawgs couldn't finish off drives like they wanted to, and not turning the ball over certainly helped. Considering this was Blake Mitchell's first game of the year after being suspended for the opener, going one of 11 on third down conversion attempts wasn't a shock. Now he needs to sharpen up against South Carolina State next week to be ready for the top to LSU. One touchdown and 314 yards of offense isn't going to get it done in Baton Rouge.
Tennessee … Tennessee can't be happy with the start against Southern Miss, but there were great signs of life going into the Florida showdown. Erik Ainge spread the ball around well to a slew of receivers, and Arian Foster ran tough and well as the focal point of the attack in the second half. The line is giving Ainge time to work, and he's making the most of it by helping to make Austin Rogers and Lucas Taylor look great, and vice versa. Maintaining an offensive balance will be vital next week.
Vanderbilt … The offense has a problem. Chris Nickson is supposed to be the star who emerges and carries the attack against teams like Alabama, but he was off, completing five of 18 passes for 67 yards with an interception and not getting any room to run, before giving way to Mackenzi Adams. There wasn't much of a ground game against Richmond, and there were only 57 yards this week. A second receiver has to emerge to take the heat off Earl Bennett, and Cassen Jackson-Garrison and Jeff Jennings have to start adding a threat of a running attack in a big hurry.

East Conference Overall Home Away
South Carolina 1 0 16 12 2 0 44 26 W2 1 0 1 0
Florida 0 0 0 0 2 0 108 34 W2 2 0 0 0
Kentucky 0 0 0 0 2 0 106 30 W2 2 0 0 0
Tennessee 0 0 0 0 1 1 70 64 W1 1 0 0 1
Georgia 0 1 12 16 1 1 47 30 L1 1 1 0 0
Vanderbilt 0 1 10 24 1 1 51 41 L1 1 1 0 0
  Conference Overall Home Away
LSU 1 0 45 0 2 0 93 7 W2 1 0 1 0
Alabama 1 0 24 10 2 0 76 16 W2 1 0 1 0
Arkansas 0 0 0 0 1 0 46 26 W1 1 0 0 0
Mississippi 0 0 0 0 1 1 48 59 L1 0 1 1 0
Auburn 0 0 0 0 1 1 46 39 L1 1 1 0 0
Mississippi State 0 1 0 45 1 1 38 62 W1 0 1 1 0
Saturday, September 8
12:30 PM Alabama 24 ... at Vanderbilt 10
CFN Prediction: Bama 23-17  Bama -5
5:45 PM South Carolina 16 ... at Georgia 12
CFN Prediction: UGA 17-13  UGA -6.5
6:00 PM at Florida 59 ... Troy 31
CFN Prediction: UF 38-14  UF -27.5
6:00 PM at Kentucky 56 ... Kent State 20
CFN Prediction: UK 35-20   UK -14
6:00 PM Missouri 38 ... at Ole Miss 25
CFN Prediction: Mizzou 27-17  Miz -5.5
7:00 PM at Tennessee 39 ... Southern Miss 19
CFN Prediction: Tenn 33-14  Ten -13.5
7:00 PM Mississippi State 38 ... at Tulane 17
CFN Prediction: MSU 27-13  MSU -6
9:00 PM South Florida 26 ... at Auburn 23 OT
CFN Prediction: Aub 21-13   Aub -6
9:15 PM at LSU 48 ... Virginia Tech 7
CFN Prediction: LSU 20-13   LSU -8

Past SEC Games of the Week
Sept. 1 -
Auburn 23 ... Kansas State 13
Sept. 8 -
South Florida 26 ... at Auburn 23 OT

Past SEC Players of the Week
Sept. 1 - Vanderbilt WR Earl Bennett
Sept. 8 - LSU RB Keiland Williams


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