Daniels likes Georgia; still 'solid' to Duke

Despite an enjoyable visit to Athens yesterday to take in the Georgia – South Carolina contest, Fayette County safety Matt Daniels remains firmly committed to the Duke Blue Devils

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"It was beautiful," Daniels said of the Sanford Stadium atmosphere. "Having everybody, about 96,00 people there, dressed in red and white. It was crazy."

Prior to taking in the game, Daniels and his parents got the chance to meet up with Georgia coach Mark Richt and talk recruiting.

"He was just talking about it's a hard decision as far as wanting to change my mind – that it could be tough. He was just going over the basics with me about Georgia and telling my parents that he wanted them to get to know how the Georgia program works," Daniels said.

Daniels' parents are allowing him to make up his own mind, but still gave him their opinion about the Bulldogs

"Ultimately they just told me that it's my decision. They liked the visit. They said the crowd was nice. But they said it just didn't really feel like home to them," he said.

Another person of influence to Daniels is teammate Brandon Boykin, a current Georgia commit. Boykin, however, seems to be realizing that his efforts may be falling on deaf ears.

"He comes to me like every other week or so about it," Daniels said. "But he's not on me as hard as he used to be."

When asked about his commitment to Duke, Daniels responded, "I'm solid," and said he wasn't sure at the moment about future visits "because I'm just trying to focus on the season I have at hand."

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