W. Carolina Week: Press Conference Quotes

ATHENS - Quotes from Georgia's weekly press conference.

Georgia Football Press Conference Quotes

Head Coach Mark Richt

On bouncing back from the loss to South Carolina:

"We have to get back to work this week, I think that is the best medicine after a loss. We have known it for a long time but it becomes real after you lose that football is not quite as much fun when you lose as when you win. Our coaches are doing a good job of getting players back and ready. I'm glad we have a game this week and not an open date, that would be awful. After a loss you sometimes wish you played baseball or basketball so you could get that taste out of your mouth quicker without having to wait a week.

"Tuesday is a big work day. Monday was a little lackluster, there was not a lot of enthusiasm, people were still feeling sorry for themselves, probably me included, so we need to snap out of it and get back to work. That's what Tuesday does for you, it is an intense practice so our players can get their mind right and get prepared for this weekend."

On Western Carolina:

"Western Carolina has struggled to this point, but they are still a team we respect. We respect everyone we play, we have to. They have a great right guard in Ben Davies. Eddie Cohen is their leading receiver, he is doing nice job, and Michael Hines is closing in on 100 catches. They have a two-quarterback system with Todd Spitzer and Adam Hearns. Spitzer has been starting, Hearns has done a nice job as the backup, but it wouldn't surprise us if Hearns started. Safety Chris Collins and linebacker Drew Walker are their leading tacklers and that's the way it should be. That's the way most people structure their defense with their middle linebacker and safety making the majority of the hits. They have a return man in Mike Malone who is also their running back and I believe he was the Track Athlete of the Year in their league. He is a very fast and talented return man and he is from Gainesville, Ga. They also have a punt return man named Carlton Bailey who is also a Georgia boy so I'm sure they will be excited for the opportunity to come in and play us."

On players who could see more time against Western Carolina:

"On the offensive line, Vince Vance is getting closer to earning more playing time regardless of the opponent. He needs to practice a little better, but he did a nice job when he played in the game. Clint Boling did a good job too, they deserve more of a rotation, I think those guys have earned that. I think it would be very good to get Kiante Tripp in the game as well. Right now I feel that Boling is ahead of Kiante, but it would be good to get him in if possible. Kiante trained all offseason to be a defensive end and got his weight down to about 265, then all of the sudden now he is a little small for the position we are asking him to play.

"Hopefully our tight ends can get some more work this week. Our running backs situation is interesting too. Caleb King is getting some work with us, he is still learning. We are not in a rush to play him right now but things can happen, injuries or something else and all of the sudden we might need to get him in there. We are working Shaun Chapas at tailback make sure he knows what to do also. Defensively we get Ramarcus Brown and Donovan Baldwin back this week. Brown will probably play the boundary corner and Baldwin will play at safety."

Injury update:

"Kelin Johnson is improving some, he is not probable yet but I would say he is less questionable than yesterday. He won't practice today but he could play this week. Tony Wilson has a similar injury, he banged up his ribs, but I think he is more probable for this week right now. Unfortunately today A.J. Bryant had surgery on his knee to clean up the meniscus, and he had the bone bruised pretty good. The doctors think it could be at least four weeks, which is a shame for him. We'll see how it goes, sometimes they say four and it's three weeks, sometimes they say four and it is six."

On what he is learning about his squad:

"We are still trying to gauge the maturity level of our squad. Some of our guys have been around and are mature, like Fernando Velasco, we have one or two guys that have been through many wars like that. But 60% of our line doesn't have that, they don't have that experience to draw from, they are learning as they go. Trinton Sturdivant, Chris Davis, Scott Haverkamp took while to adjust but in the second half they did better. We ran better and pass-protected better. I thought if our skill guys came through as well as the line did in the second half we could have won it or at least gone to overtime. We still need to get tougher. I wouldn't say we are not a tough team but we do still need to get tougher."


Junior Tight End Tripp Chandler

On Matthew Stafford:

"He's a great football player. He might make some young mistakes, but there are not too many people that I know who understand the game like he does. He's constantly drawing up plays and seeing things and telling us things in the huddle that tell us what to look out for before it even happens. Personally, I consider him a veteran. It's just the way he understands the game."

On the role of the Tight End vs. South Carolina:

"I can't say I was surprised (with the amount he was used). I'm happy that that happened and hopefully we can just keep that going."

On Fernando Velasco's role as a leader:

"He's been doing it ever since mat drills started. He did it last year with some of our older guys here. When Nick (Jones) left it left a void and he filled it perfectly."

On if he felt he was open and not thrown to vs. South Carolina:

"I might have felt like that during the game but you have to understand that our offense is a working system. Matt has checks and reads and on those plays the ball just wasn't built to come to me. That's just the way it works and you have to understand that. If the coverage is right for the ball to go somewhere else, that's where the ball's got to go."

On Stafford's pass to Michael Moore on the goal line:

"I don't know what happened, but, like I said, I talked to Matt during the game and I think he said it was a cover 5, and that's exactly where the ball needed to go."

On the claim that the offense let last Saturday's game slip away:

"I'd say so. For our defense to hold a coach like coach Spurrier to sixteen points, well, that's huge. For us to kick field goals when we needed to be putting balls in the end zone, I think that our offense could've put in a little bit more than they did."

Sophomore Cornerback Asher Allen

On what the emotions for the team have been like the past three days:

"Probably after the game, everyone was a little down. It's natural to be disappointed. We are ready to get back on the field again. Yesterday we had a chance to look at the film and what went wrong. Now we have to be able to look at what we did wrong and capitalize on it and make sure we don't do that again."

Senior Cornerback Thomas Flowers

On how much he has heard about Appalachian State lately:

"I see (Appalachian State) all over the place - news clippings, ESPN and the coaches steadily mention it trying to keep us mentally focused."

Redshirt Freshman Safety Reshad Jones

On being able to play both the strong and free safety positions:

"Everyone knows that strong safety is more run support and I think I have the body type for it. I know how to play both safety positions. In our system, coach (Willie) Martinez calls it left and right safety, and it's good to know both."

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