First early start of the year for the Dawgs

ATHENS – Saturday will be different for Georgia not only in the caliber of opponent, but also in the time of kickoff.

"It's going to be a big change coming from 5:45, 6:45 to 1:00," said senior wide receiver Mikey Henderson. "That's going to be a huge difference. The day's going to come a lot faster."

Henderson said the earlier start time may also affect the game day atmosphere inside Sanford Stadium.

"(Night games are) more rowdy. More fans can come in. They can do whatever they do before the game then get in there and be loud. (At) 1:00, most people around here are just trying to roll out of bed and come," he said.

Henderson isn't the only one favoring the later kickoff times. Senior running back Thomas Brown said the extra time before a late game is invaluable.

"I personally prefer night games. It gives you more opportunities to relax, get a couple naps in," he said.

Head coach Mark Richt said that while he prefers the evening starts, he can see the positives and negatives of each situation.

"I enjoy the night games. I don't like waiting for them, but when they get there I get enjoy them. I like playing under the lights. I think there's more energy, more excitement," he said.

Richt continued: "If you do play in the day, there's advantages to that. Once it's over you've got enough time to maybe go home when the sun is still shining, which is nice. Go see your kids and everything. See them while they're awake, which is nice. Then you get to sit and watch everybody else suffer through their games and the decisions they've got to make."

"But then again it's only fun to play a day game if you win. Might ruin a good afternoon."

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