W. Carolina Week: Thursday News and Notes

ATHENS - Josh Kendall's news and notes from Georgia's fall practices.

TOUGH ROAD: Senior cornerback Ramarcus Brown is eager to get on the field now that he hasfinished a two-game suspension, but it's not going to be easy because of how well the cornerback quartet of Thomas Flowers, Bryan Evans, Asher Allen and Prince Miller have played in the first two games, defensive coordinator Willie Martinez said.

"That's going to be tough," Martinez said of getting Brown into the regular rotation. "We're playing a lot of guys, and it's working out right now."

Brown probably will return to a starting role on some of the special teams, Martinez said.

TURNOVER MARGIN: LSU is the only SEC team with fewer turnovers this year than Georgia's one. That's the good news.

The bad news is the Bulldogs are one of just three conference teams to have created just one turnover. Both numbers are a drastic reduction from the pace they set last year, when they turned the ball over 31 times and created 30 in return.

"Last year we were giving them away like candy, and we were getting them," Richt said. "Now this year it seems like we're stubborn giving them up, but we're not getting any."

Georgia's turnover margin of zero ranks ninth in the SEC and 51st in the nation.

WHERE ARE THEY?: Only one receiver on Georgia's team caught more passes than junior Kenneth Harris last year, but Harris hasn't caught a pass this year and barely has been on the field.

"I'm sure he'll get a chance somewhere along the way and if he makes a play or really stands out in practice, I think he'll get back in the mix."

Junior Demiko Goodman has been similarly hard to find this year. He seemed to be on the first of breaking out before suffering a knee injury near the end of the season.

He is only now 100 percent healthy and could get into the receiver rotation soon, Richt said.

"Last week he was just starting to get into a full speed look," Richt said.

STRAW POLL: Richt has what he thinks is a pretty reliable indicator of his fan base's mood after a loss, and he gets it every Sunday at Prince Avenue Baptist Church.

"If everybody says they're praying for me, I figure it's kind of nasty out there," he said. "If you build your program to the point where everybody expects to win very week, everybody wants to know why you didn't."

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