Alabama Week: Sunday Teleconference Quotes

ATHENS - Georgia football head coach Mark Richt held a teleconference Sunday to discuss the team's 45-16 win over Western Carolina and also to preview the upcoming match-up with No. 16 Alabama in Tuscaloosa, the first road game of the season for the 22nd-ranked Bulldogs.

Q&A Responses:

On if Saturday's game with Alabama could be a "turning point":

"A lot will be learned because we haven't played away first of all and we have an awful lot of guys who will be away form home for the first time and playing in a hostile environment for the first time. We'll learn a lot about this team."

On Alabama's win over Arkansas this weekend:

"I think when you have a win like that it gives you the confidence to know you can handle adversity. They started hot and had a big lead, lost it, and then with not a lot of time came back and won it. Coach Saban made the same decision I made (late in the game against South Carolina) with five minutes to go, to kick a field goal and go play defense. It worked for them; they put it in the end zone. Those kind of games do nothing but give a team confidence they can handle just about any situation."

On Alabama having momentum after beating Arkansas:

"Momentum is huge, and they've got it. It hard to get it started sometimes, but once it's rolling it can be hard to slow down. That's our challenge."

On Nick Saban's influence on Alabama's team:

Making a comparison (to last year's Alabama team) is hard to do. What I've seen this year is that they are well coached, playing hard and playing with a lot of confidence. It came down to one throw and catch last night and they made it. Their confidence level probably shot through the roof because of that. It took a lot of plays to get to that position, and to do it in that fashion is something that will make them stronger down the road."

On Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson:

"I like the guy a lot. I'm very impressed with him. He has the ability, the touch and he doesn't get very flustered. I think because they lost some close games last year his play got overlooked. I think he's an outstanding player and leader and knows what he's trying to accomplish and rarely does he make a mistake."

On Georgia's run blocking:

"Our run blocking is really improving. We have a tremendous challenge with Alabama from a physical standpoint and scheme-wise as well. I don't think we've scared anyone with our wide receiver corps to make anyone stop the pass first, so they're going to go after the run and they know how to make it tough for you."

On how Demiko Goodman's performance is helping the team:

"It helps a lot if he continues to make those kind of plays. That touchdown catch was an outstanding play. He ran the route properly and showed a burst to go get it. But I really liked his first catch. He reached out and extended his body and snatched it in his hands as he was taking a hit from two defenders. Then getting to finish it with that long bomb was great. He'll definitely get more work."

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