Bobo and Applewhite thrown into fire

ATHENS – The two men calling plays Saturday when Georgia faces Alabama have spent as much time on earth combined as Bulldogs wide receivers coach John Eason.

Perhaps nowhere else in the country this season will two younger offensive coordinators be matched in a major college game than when the Bulldogs' Mike Bobo and the Crimson Tide's Major Applewhite meet in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

At 33, Bobo is the veteran of the duo. Applewhite, who was quarterbacking the University of Texas just six years ago, is only 29 and the youngest coordinator in Division I football. Both teams' starting quarterbacks like playing for a young coach, they said.

"I think the longer you're out of this game as a player, the harder it is to get back in and realize what's going on," Georgia's Matthew Stafford said. "Just being barely out of the game, you know exactly what defenses are doing now because defenses from now to 10 years ago are just completely different. It's something that I think helps them and it definitely helps us as players. It's easy to relate to guys you know were in the heat of the battle and played and did it not too long ago."

Applewhite called the plays for Rice University last year.

"I think he's great," Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson said. "We have fun, and we get a lot done. He's very intense, and he knows what he's doing. He's been there is the biggest thing, I think. He's been through everything I'm going through and that I'm going to go through. He knows how to translate that to me."

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