Southern Football Predictions

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

1. LSU – Tricky game with Cocks, but Tigers should be ok…
2. Florida – Wow... take that Tennessee!
3. Clemson – The top two teams are clearly the best - Tigers always screw up at some point; will it happen this week?
4. Virginia Tech – A very beatable team…
5. South Carolina – Win in Death Valley would send shockwaves…
6. Kentucky - Has played better than Georgia and Tennessee so far this season. How often is that said?
7. Alabama – Program-changin win last week - watchout for the let down…
8. Georgia – A win over Tide is very neccessary this week for program. Finger poised over panic button…
9. Florida State – Still can't score a ton…
10. Georgia Tech – Maybe Jackets aren't that great after all…
11. Arkansas – Can score, but got scored on - not a great combo…
12. Tennessee – This is not looking good. Gators paint 40 on the Vols - OUCH!
13. Miami – A chance to upset A&M tonight - but Canes are not a good team…
14. Wake Forest – Vital game for Wake vs. Terps…
15. Maryland – See above - loser might not go bowling...
16. Mississippi State – Real challange comes next week for State…
17. Vanderbilt – Still trying to get to six wins for bowl…
18. Ole Miss – See above…
19. Auburn – Something stinks, and its a tradiational SEC power (Vols need deodorant, too)
20. N.C. State – An upset over Clemson wouldn't change my mind - still a long way to go…
21. Virginia – Beat a bad Tarheel team...
22. Duke – Respectable after win over Northwestern...
23. Appalachian State – Now the Tarheels have been banished...

This week's games:

NOTE: These are last Sunday's lines; some may have moved

Texas A&M (-3) at Miami
Winner straight up – Texas A&M
Winner with points – Texas A&M
Comment – Why is this line so small?

Clemson (-8) at NC State
Winner straight up – Clemson
Winner with points – Clemson
Comment – I am suggesting that Clemson won't be upset - am not too confident…

Georgia Tech (-3) at Virginia
Winner straight up – Georgia Tech
Winner with points – Georgia Tech
Comment – Cavs are bad…

North Carolina (+13.5) at South Florida
Winner straight up – South Florida
Winner with points – South Florida
Comment – Big line, but Heels are not very good…

Florida (-21) at Ole Miss
Winner straight up – Florida
Winner with points – Florida
Comment – HUGE line - take it - Gators roll, or did you miss last week?

Army (+28.5) at Boston College
Winner straight up – Boston College
Winner with points – Army
Comment – Eagles should roll, but that's a half a point too many…

Duke (+10) at Navy
Winner straight up – Navy
Winner with points – Navy
Comment – Midshipmen are a lot better than Northwestern…

William & Mary at Virginia Tech
Winner straight up – Virginia Tech
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – Mary & Bill get drilled this weekend...

Maryland (-3) at Wake Forest
Winner straight up – Wake Forest
Winner with points – Wake Forest
Comment – Typical of the pre-expansion borefests in the ACC…

South Carolina (+16.5) at LSu Winner straight up – LSU
Winner with points – South Carolina
Comment – Seriously? 16.5 points? I know LSU's D is great, but come on... big line. Then again the Cocks haven't been outstanding through the air and no one runs on the Tigers. LSU wins 16-0…

New Mexico State (+17) at Auburn Winner straight up – New Mexico State (only kidding)
Winner with points – New Mexico State (not kidding)
Comment – What is going on Ears?

Gardner-Webb at Mississippi State
Winner straight up – State
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – Hyphenated U loses…

Arkansas State (+18.5) at Tennessee
Winner straight up – Tennessee
Winner with points – Tennessee
Comment – Vols roll after being rolled…

Georgia (+4) at Alabama
Winner straight up – Alabama
Winner with points – Georgia
Comment – UnderDawgs for a reason…


North Carolina (+13.5) at South Florida
Winner with points – South Florida
Comment – Not that enthralled with any game, but I am forced to pick one each week. Too much heat and speed for lowly Heels…
Last Week – Lock of the week: 2 of 3 or 67%
Last Week – Straight up: 45 out of 57 or 79%
Last Week – Points: 26 of 44 or 59% - Deal with it haters...

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