Ole Miss Week: Sunday Teleconference Quotes

ATHENS - Georgia football head coach Mark Richt participated in a teleconference Sunday to discuss Georgia's thrilling 26-23 overtime victory over Alabama and to preview next weekend's match-up with Ole Miss.

Q&A Responses:

On who on the team has impressed him the most on defense:

"Marcus Howard absolutely played well. He has been very productive. He is playing the way Georgia defense should play in every game. He is one of the few guys winning in some one-on-one situations, and we just have to keep him going."

On what the win over Alabama means in the big picture:

"It just means that we're back in the race. It means we have to win next week."

On Brandon Coutu's missed field goal at the end of regulation:

"I think he'll snap back pretty quickly. I'm not sure if the wind was a factor, but it could have been. I did see an end zone shot and it could have gotten caught in the wind a bit. It looked like it had just a tad bit of hook on it."

On the dogpile after beating Aabama:

"It's one of the few times you can ever truly have a dogpile and not get called for excessive celebration, so we took full advantage of it."

On if he's coached other running backs like Knowshon Moreno:

"There have been some pretty good ones out there. Of course Warrick Dunn was a special guy who had speed and power for a small guy. Sammy Smith was a super fast guy with power. A guy named Greg Jones was a big powerful back. There have been some special backs. And Knowshon has been exciting to this point, but he still has a ways to go to learn how to finish runs better. He's still young and still learning.

On the Ole Miss team Georgia will face next week:

"They gave Florida a very hard time. I watched just about every snap from my hotel room, and I was almost getting sick to my stomach because they looked really good. Of course Florida stretched them early on defense. But then their offense came back and made it a close game. They took Florida to the wall and I was very impressed with them."

On the biggest difference in Ole Miss from last year to this year:

"They're a little bit more multi-dimensional and more balanced. Last year they were just running the rock and not passing the ball as well as this year. Passing the ball better is opening up their running game as well."

On tight end Tripp Chandler's dropped passes against Alabama:

"I would have to say that Tripp has to improve. We've proven that everyone's job is up for grabs. And I'm not just picking on Tripp. We have linebackers, cornerbacks, etc. competing for positions. Our guys have to keep fighting hard and competing. The good thing is we've been able to play a lot of people because of that level of competition. That's been healthy for us."

On how long the team will get to celebrate the win over Alabama:

"I think the players can enjoy the day, but for the coaches this is the cut-off time. It's time to focus on Ole Miss. We don't see the players until tomorrow. We'll spend some time watching film of what happened, but then we'll move forward and that will be the end of their celebration time. We felt good after Oklahoma State and we saw what happened there, so hopefully that will be a good lesson for us. We have to be ready to go. It's going to be another 60-mintue game."

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