Freshman Update: Rennie Curran

ATHENS – Rennie Curran is used to making plays, not watching them be made.

But as all freshmen must learn, this isn't high school anymore. And true freshmen just don't come into college and play immediately. Especially linebackers. Especially in the SEC.

That perspective, however, is not one that Curran shares.

"I planned on coming here to play," he said.

And play he did. Curran is only one of five true freshmen to see the field for the Dogs so far this year, even assisting on a tackle in the first game of the year against Oklahoma State.

But since that date, his time on the field has diminished. Talk to him though, and you won't find a player who's passively biding his time waiting for an opportunity to fall into his lap, but one actively looking to make a name for himself.

"It's not gone as well as I wanted it to. I've been struggling a little bit, just getting used to the flow of things," he said. "I'm still staying positive. I'm continuing to just work hard and just learn the plays and get more comfortable with the defense."

Increasing his comfort level in Georgia's scheme is Curran's main focus as he strives to earn a bigger role in Georgia's defense, that at 282.5 yards per game, ranks second in the conference in total defense.

"I feel like the only thing holding me back is experience. So the more comfortable I get with the defense is the more it becomes like an instinct instead of me thinking about it," he said. "I think the more I play, the more my ability will take over so (me playing more) is just a matter of time – and it depends on the coaches of course."

The coaches that determine his playing time also determined a redshirt year would not be best suited for Curran. Asked about any regrets on seeing the field in limited action versus a redshirt season, Curran quickly brushed that thought aside.

"I came here with the mindset that I wanted to play my first year. I'm glad I got that done and got the experience under my belt now," he said. "This year definitely helped me out just getting into the flow of things and it's helping me be ready for the future."

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