Dawgs concerned about Rebs' punt teams

ATHENS – Junior punter Brian Mimbs probably won't watch much of the special teams film from last year's Ole Miss game. No use making himself nervous.

The Rebels blocked two punts in a 14-9 loss to Georgia. One of those was erased by a penalty, but the memory has stayed with the Bulldogs.

"They exposed our punt protection like no one had ever," Coach Mark Richt said.

Mimbs, who is seventh in the SEC in punting (41.6 yards per kick) in his first year as the starter, tries not to think about protection issues when he kicks, he said.

"I try not to worry myself sick because I feel like it'll affect my performance," he said. "This year, we have protected well. No one has really gotten close to me. If (the blockers) keep doing their job like they should, I should be all right."

Ole Miss is one of the most aggressive teams in the SEC with its punt block team, Richt said. The Rebels use sheer speed and a multitude of formations to overwhelm punt protectors, Georgia snapper Jeff Henson said.

"They hardly ever line up the same way twice," Henson said.

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