Ole Miss Week: Kendall's Three Keys

ATHENS - Josh Kendall's three keys to Georiga's game with Ole Miss.

Cover, cover, cover

Georgia fans certainly won't be expecting much out the Ole Miss passing game. Hopefully, the Bulldogs will know better. The Rebels have three receivers – Wallace, Green and McCluster (if he's healthy) – who can go the distance on any play.

Score on special teams

When was the last time Georgia put the ball in the end zone with one of its special teams? Oh that's right, last year's Tennessee game when it did it twice. Still, the Bulldogs need to be feared again on special teams.

Catch passes

It's a key until it starts happening. Last week's dramatic win, on a pass no less, covered up some flaws, most notably five more dropped passes. The offense will never take off, and the Bulldogs will never beat an elite opponent, with that kind of effort.

One to Watch

Quarterback Matthew Stafford. As talented as most everyone in Athens thinks he is, Stafford has never thrown for more than 267 yards or two touchdowns in a game. His career highs: 20 completions, 44 attempts, 267 yards, two touchdowns, three interceptions. The Rebels pass defense is ranked 105th in the country. Is this the week Stafford puts up numbers that get him attention in the rest of the college football world?


Georgia may look back on its loss to South Carolina three weeks ago as the turning point of the season in a positive way, Richt thinks. "You hate to lose a game to learn a lesson, but I hope that's what happened," he said. "I hope we learned a lesson or many lessons, but the one in particular I hope we learned is you have to reach a certain level of excitement and execution to win every game." The Bulldogs have learned that lesson, he thinks. "I just like how we're going right now," he said. "I think we've set the ship right. I think we're moving in the right direction." Today's game will be a good test of his theory. Ole Miss has improved enough to beat Georgia if the Bulldogs don't play well but is not so good the Rebels can beat Georgia if it has its ‘A' game. A loss today would be a very bad sign for this team.

Winner: Georgia

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