Southern Football Predictions

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes his weekly picks for the 23 schools in the South.

1. LSU – Can put Gators in real trouble with win…
2. Kentucky – Are these guys for real?
3. Florida – Terrible effort vs. Auburn - no one should be scared of these Gators...
4. South Carolina – Virtaul must-win game tonight…
5. Georgia – Better not get a slow start this Saturday in Knoxville - a very winnable game…
6. Virginia Tech - Kind of worried about these guys...
7. Clemson – Tech loss was bad, but doesn't mean much for Tigers in ACC - they still have to beat BC later in the year to win it…
8. Florida State – Loss to Tigers is a killer now...
9. Alabama – Could stumble after this week…
10. Miami – Canes emerging in the ACC…
11. Auburn – Are these guys as bad as they have looked? Are they as good as they look vs. Florida? Yes - to both…
12. Arkansas - Taking deep breaths before hitting the SEC again...
13. Tennessee – Need to beat Georgia to get back on track...
14. Virginia – Hoos have turned it around a little...
15. Wake Forest – Should beat Duke this week…
16. Mississippi State – Played well for three quarters, but gell short in Columbia - now the fighting Neil Callaways of UAB...
17. Maryland – Upset Rutgers last week - I'm still not sold...
18. Vanderbilt – State beat Auburn on the road why can't Vandy? Because they won't…
19. Ole Miss – Not a bad team, but need to start toppling the likes of Florida and Georgia…
20. N.C. State – Yuck…
21. Georgia Tech – Tech was just the team Clemson slipped against - still don't like these Jackets...
22. Duke – Covered the line against the Canes - I've seen worse from these guys before...
23. Wofford – Beat Furman...

This week's games:

NOTE: These are last Sunday's lines; some may have moved

Kentucky (+3.5) at South Carolina
Winner straight up – South Carolina
Winner with points – kentucky
Comment – Hard, hard game to pick - I just think Carolina wins (not sure why), but take the Cats to make yourself feel better…

Bowling Green (+19.5) at Boston College
Winner straight up – Boston College
Winner with points – Bowling Green
Comment – Eagles have not done well against the big line this fall...

Georgia Tech (-2.5) at Maryland
Winner straight up – Georgia Tech
Winner with points – Maryland
Comment – I have no idea - Tech get the win on the road - I guess (again, totally clueless here)…

Miami (+8.5) at North Carolina
Winner straight up – Miami
Winner with points – North Carolina
Comment – Cane win, but not impressively...

Vanderbilt (+8.5) at Auburn
Winner straight up – Auburn
Winner with points – Vanderbilt
Comment – Not brave enough to take Vandy stright up - probably won't happen anyway…

Wake Forest (-9) at Duke
Winner straight up – Wake Forest
Winner with points – Wake Forest
Comment – Get your popcorn ready for this thiller!

Louisiana Tech (+12.5) at Ole Miss
Winner straight up – Ole Miss
Winner with points – Louisiana Tech
Comment – Rebels struggle at home after two "shoulda wons"...

UAB (+16) vs. Mississippi State
Winner straight up – Mississippi State
Winner with points – UAB
Comment – You NEVER give the fightin' Neil Callaways more than two touchdowns…

Houston (+11) at Alabama
Winner straight up – Alabama
Winner with points – Alabama
Comment – Hold your nose and take the Tide...

Georgia (+2) at Tennessee
Winner straight up – Georgia
Winner with points – Georgia
Comment – Dawgs knock of the "Erng" in Knoxvegas one more time...

NC State (+17.5) at Florida State
Winner straight up – Florida State
Winner with points – Florida State
Comment – Don't like that half a point, but we are talking about NC State…

Virginia Tech (+4.5) at Clemson
Winner straight up – Clemson
Winner with points – Clemson
Comment – Night game in Death Valley vs. ranked foe - Tigers play the "whoaahao-whoaha-whoo-whao" song all night long…

Chattanooga at Arkansas
Winner straight up – Arkansas
Winner with points – No Line
Comment – That was easy…

Virginia (-10.5) at MSTU
Winner straight up – Virginia
Winner with points – Virginia
Comment – Since when does the ACC visit the Big Sun or whatever MTSU is in?

Florida (+9) at LSU
Winner straight up – LSU
Winner with points – LSU
Comment – Tigers do the East another favor…

Georgia (+2) at Tennessee
Winner with points – Georgia
Comment – If the Dawgs are going down I am going down with them…
Last Week – Lock of the week: 3 of 5 or 60%
Last Week – Straight up: 66 out of 86 or 77%
Last Week – Points: 39 of 70 or 56% - Trying to aviod a Clemson-like meltdown (Losing 4% in a week - Welcome to TommyBall!)

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