Lumpkin ready to contribute

ATHENS – Kregg Lumpkin's been a little bit overshadowed the last few weeks.

And how could he not be?

Combine Lumpkin's inury with Thomas Brown running for yards at will and Knowshon Moreno running like there's no tomorrow, and one could easily forget about the fifth year senior who runs with a powerful style substantially different from that of his two speedier, shiftier counterparts.

So right now, what is the main thing the coaches are doing to get him ready for an increased role in Saturday's battle with the Volunteers?

"They're getting me back out there, getting me in rhythm," he said.

A rhythm, Lumpkin hopes, that will sustain him for the rest of the season.

"I just go out there and play ball. This is my last year so I'm trying to make it my best year. Even though I've been injured the first couple games, I've just got to go out here and try to finish strong and make this my most memorable year here at Georgia," Lumpkin said.

Saturday will be Lumpkin's first game back without the large cast on his right arm that he'd been wearing for protection. He said that he's not too worried about playing without it, and that live contact the past two weeks, especially against Ole Miss, has helped him readjust to the physicality of the game.

"Getting hit again in a live game keeps me fresh," he said.

Georgia's done alright without him thus far, but will almost certainly need a fresh Lumpkin to pull a win out of Knoxville come Saturday. And from the looks of things, he'll be ready.

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