Players are watching Thursday night games too

ATHENS – Tonight fans from all around the SEC will be tuning in to watch the No. 8 Kentucky Wildcats battle the No. 11 South Carolina Gamecocks in prime time Thursday night action.

And football players from the University of Georgia will be right there with them.

But how exactly do the players watch a game like this. They've already faced South Carolina and Kentucky is not on tap for almost six weeks – so can they just sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the game?

Freshman tight end Bruce Figgins can somewhat agree with that last statement.

"Well I think we all watch who we're going to be going against in one on one battles," he said, "but I think it's more for enjoyment – another SEC game. It's kind of relaxing to watch the game."

Senior running back Kregg Lumpkin also said that you could watch a game and chill, but still learn something from it.

"You're going to break down Kentucky as well," he said. "Watch and see how things might play out in the SEC East. And then watching it for enjoyment as well. You can do two things at once while you're watching it."

As for the prospects of a playing in a Thursday night game himself, Lumpkin said, "It would be different. I wouldn't object to it, or be mad about doing it. I'd be up for it."

But for that to ever come to fruition, it would require the approval of head coach Mark Richt, and that just doesn't seem likely – especially not in Athens.

Said Richt: "I know we're not gonna play any at home – and you can't. You've got an on-campus stadium. You would literally have to shut down the school. We're not gonna shut down the school. We shouldn't shut down the school for that."

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