Vandy Week: Sunday Teleconference Quotes

ATHENS - Georgia football head coach Mark Richt held a teleconference Sunday to discuss the Bulldogs' 35-14 loss at Tennessee and also talk about the upcoming match-up with Vanderbilt in Nashville and the Southeastern Conference race through six weeks of the season.

Q&A Responses:

On Georgia's young offensive line:

"It was definitely a learning experience for them. What happened against Tennessee is what we feared would happen against Alabama. We fortunately got in the end zone early against Alabama and we got our confidence good and were able to battle the whole time.. This game in particular certainly will create amemory in those guys' (the young offensive linemen) brains that they will reflect on about being able to win in that hostile type of environment."

On the play of Georgia's linebackers: " I wouldnt say it's a big concern.

We had problems all the way from the front to back. We have issues. We've had some good play at times all across the board also. We're just not playing consistent enough together. One or two guys have been making mistakes on any given play. A lot of those happened to be on crucial third downs and all of a sudden we can't get them to punt. We have more issues than linebacker."

On running back Kregg Lumpkin: ?

"He's back just in time. Lumpy got back just in time. When he first got the cast off we were a little reluctant. Even with the splint on it was a bit of concern. When he did get a chance to carry he seemed to be very confident and have a little bit of juice in his legs too, which is pretty understandable because he hasn't gotten lot of work lately."

On Thomas Brown being out due to injury: ?

"It's a shame. He is probably the toughest guy on our team. I know he would play with it. He might've played a week with it; I don't even know if it happened last week. He is just that tough but we just can't take that risk. Its tough but he will lead from the sidelines and guys will step up. They've got to."

On Tennessee's defense: ?

"They had their backs to the wall and that was part of it. They were being challenged on all levels. They played inspired football. It's not that hard to be inspired in the beginning of a game because you have 100,000 people excited and they had an open date and were rested, but they started out that way because we couldn't get stops on defense or a spark on offense. They continued to feed off that energy and we just dug a bigger whole. We couldn't do anything to break the cycle of excitement. Someone's got to make a play. We had a three and out prior to Demiko Goodman making that big touchdown catch. That was the first time all game we felt energy from something good on the field."

On Vanderbilt receiver Earl Bennett:

"You have to scheme for him. You have to know where he's at and you better have a plan for him. He is a great receiver. When he was getting numbers early on and had early rise you don't really think bout it, but he is a talented guy. He is tough, fast, and oozing with confidence. He continues to make plays and there is no doubt that he is a pro."

On getting pressure on the quarterback:

"It's an issue, no doubt. You can't hardly use the Tennessee game as a judge because nobody else has gotten much pressure on him (Tennessee QB Erik Ainge) either, hardly. We have to disrupt the quarterback's timing and the receiver's routes and force him to hold the ball longer. With A real good veteran senior QB like Ainge, when you bring heat he knows it's coming and he gets rid of the ball. When you're bringing a four man pressure or a four man rush he can go through his progressions and he can throw it away. We made him go a couple times to places he didn't want to go with ball but he was very good at finding a guy on the opposite side of field than where his read was."

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