Q&A with Ricardo Crawford

ATHENS - Read what Ricardo Crawford has to say about his current status on the defensive line.

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Where would you say you are right now with regards to playing time?

RC: I'm with the third string. It's Paul Taylor, Wynn, and me. We're just trying to improve a bit. Coach (Garner) has got Kade and Jeff up there, very dominant. They destroy things. There's a couple more players pretty much with better technique than me. I'm just trying to grind it out, trying to work hard.

Is technique the main thing that Coach Garner is trying to get you to improve on?

RC: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

What part of it do you need to get better at in your mind?

RC: Pretty much using my hands. I think we all could get better as a defensive front line. We all could be faster off the ball. We all could be lower.

What does the line need to do to get better pressure on people like Ainge, or this week at Vandy?

RC: It's not that we need to get better. We all looked at film and thought the front line did alright. Nothing great, but not too bad. It's just that we weren't playing with as much emotion as we did in the previous games.

Who are you looking to to try and learn from?

RC: Pretty much Kade and Jeff. I'm just leaning on them for them to help me out and getting prepared for the future.

How has your adjustment been as a whole coming here from North Carolina?

RC: It's been pretty hard. Coming from the school standpoint and the field perspective. Trying to get faster and better technique. That's what Coach "G" is all about. He's all about good technique.

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