Rotation part of the game plan at receiver

ATHENS – With ten scholarship wide receivers on the active roster this season, it seems that Georgia could find three guys to stay on the field consistently.

But that hasn't been the case.

In fact, nine of those ten receivers have caught at least one pass, with many of those nine getting extensive playing time even not when making a catch. Only A.J. Bryant lacks a reception, and even he "caught" a pass, simply not beyond the line of scrimmage.

So is this diversity a good thing, an example of Georgia spreading the ball around? Or is it more evidence to the belief that the Bulldogs lack so called "go to" guys?

"We do have a lot of receivers, but I know that we all work hard," said junior wide receiver Demiko Goodman.

"When we go out there, we don't know how many opportunities we're going to get. We might get one; we might get a hundred. We've just got to play hard. It's truly a blessing to be on the team, so when you go out there you've got to play hard and do your best for the team."

Receivers coach John Eason said he rotates the receivers so frequently to take advantage of their depth at the position and to ensure his players are rested.

"I try to keep an eye on them during the ball game," he said. "I try to watch them and see how they're running and moving. I don't necessarily count plays or series, but I just try to make sure that they're fresh and move them in out and based on that."

Tennessee, the SEC's leading passing offense, has six wide receivers with receptions so far this year. The Vols' top three receivers all have at least 25 catches, nine more than Georgia's top receiver Sean Bailey, clearly separating themselves from the bottom three – a separation not quite as obvious at Georgia.

But that comparison may not be totally fair considering Tennessee has a senior quarterback and a much more experienced offensive line than the Bulldogs.

Georgia has also had 25 receptions by players out of the backfield. That statistic, however, could be another indictment of the receiving corps and its lack of ability to make plays, with Stafford frequently having to dump the ball off to the backs

Head coach Mark Richt said it would be nice to have guys stay on the field long enough to get comfortable, but the rotation in part has been because of players failing to take advantage of their opportunities.

"We need someone to be worthy of getting in a rhythm. If a guy will step up, make plays and continue to do so – we'd be more than happy to keep feeding them," he said

Goodman, with his spectacular touchdown catch against Tennessee, is one of those guys stepping up.

"Coach Van Halanger says all the time, 'Visualize yourself making plays," Goodman said. "Me personally, I do that. I think all of the receiving corps does that."

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