Vandy loss still stings

ATHENS – Time heals all wounds – except perhaps those caused by an unexpected loss to Vanderbilt.

"It was definitely a shocker for our whole Georgia nation to get beat in a big time game like that," senior Kelin Johnson said.

In 2006, following a crushing loss to Tennessee, the Dogs looked to regroup against Vanderbilt, a team typically no problem for Georgia. But they turned out to be a problem – a big one.

"We got real complacent. We'd been hurt by Tennessee the week before," Johnson said. "It was just one of those things where we didn't bring all of our eggs in the basket."

And this year history is set up to repeat itself.

Georgia has again suffered a difficult loss to Tennessee, and badly needs a win after an extremely poor showing last week.

When asked about trends during the week of practice prior to the Vanderbilt game last year, head coach Mark Richt said he couldn't place his finger on what went wrong that week, but said that the result showed something was amiss.

"I can't say I remember what happened the week of practice. I know what happened in the game of course. But to try to look back and say, 'Gosh, how did we practice that week.' Or 'what did we do.' I can't really say that I can remember that. But we turned up the intensity a little bit (this week)," he said.

Johnson also said it would be hard to single out one thing from practice a week ago, but said he knows the team needs to do something different this year.

"I just know that we can't fall back in that trap like we did last year," Johnson said.

"Feeling sorry for ourselves, feeling like there's nothing else to play for. And we have a lot to play for still. All I know is we need to keep pressing forward and keep working to be better as a team."

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