Florida Week: Sunday Teleconference

ATHENS - Georgia football head coach Mark Richt held his weekly teleconference Sunday to look ahead to the Bulldogs' match-up with Florida this weekend in Jacksonville.

Q&A Responses

On being back in the SEC East race without even playing a game:

"It's a wild year, isn't it? I'm just taking this baby one at a time. I quit worrying about the other stuff. I'm worrying about who we have this time around. I'm done looking too far ahead into the future, at least this year."

On Florida's Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin:

"That combo has been lethal to everyone they've played. They have a quarterback who is a freak of nature really. I've see quarterbacks who can run, but not with that kind of power and toughness. And he's throwing the ball extremely well. He's a leader, and he's just tough. And that makes that whole football team tough. Harvin is a mismatch for anyone trying to cover him one-on-one. As I watch Harvin, he reminds me of a very fast Peter Warrick. Warrick could catch the deep ball, get the quick screens and make people miss, and run all the routes and do it well. Pete had good speed, but Percy's seems to me to be faster. He's a great ballplayer. It's like with Warrick when you knew you were going to wear someone out trying to cover him one-on-one."

On the importance of limiting yards after contact against Tebow and Harvin:

"It's going to be tough. Tebow gets yards after contact, and Harvin doesn't allow much contact. You just try to get contact with him. Tebow invites contact, and the other guy doesn't allow you to get a hold of him very often."

On the possibility of playing the Georgia-Florida game in Atlanta every other year:

"I'm open to a lot of things. I'm open to a home-and-home. I'm open to Jacksonville-Atlanta. I'd be up for a series of home-and-home then Jacksonville-Atlanta. Everyone says Jacksonville's a neutral site, so let's play a neutral site in the state of Georgia too."

On if the Georgia-Florida rivalry has lost appeal because of lopsided results lately:

"A rival game needs to be more equal in who wins and loses, which it hasn't been lately. It's been a rivalry of streaks. It's not like our rivalry with Auburn, which just seems to be very close games and also spread out to where no one has had a huge run, at least lately. Florida has just been dominating as of late, where earlier Georgia used to dominate."

On the differences between Tim Tebow and Matthew Stafford:

"They're very different in style, no doubt. It's pretty obvious Tebow has been a guy who runs the ball much more than Stafford or any quarterback for that matter, maybe except for (Pat White at) West Virginia, but he does throw the ball well. His running game sets up the passing game. With Stafford, we need runners to establish the running game to set up the passing game."

On Florida's defense despite losing several players:

"Spikes is very very physical. They have some guys who can really really run. Harvey is a problem. He gets off the ball so quick. He plays with such energy every down. You have to account for him somehow on every play. A lot of these guys have played before, but they did have to replace a number, and have done an outstanding job."

On stopping a very unconventional Florida offense:

"Anyone who does things differently it takes time to study it a little longer. If eight-12 teams you play run the same things, you can defend it similarly and it wouldn't take as much time to understand what they do. Guys get rep after rep and are getting used to it. Now you have a team with a different style and personnel and create problems too. It takes a little more time to get a good handle, and then do you have the personnel who can match up? Face it, Tebow hasn't had much trouble against anyone they've played. You have to try to slow it down a little, but to think you're going to stop it, that's going to be tough."

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