Garner wants Owens healthy

ATHENS – Defensive line coach Rodney Garner gave junior Jeff Owens some homework for Georgia's off weekend.

"He needs to go see the witch doctor or something in Fort Lauderdale, get some remedies and rub on his ankle," Garner said. "That's what he needs to do, stop hobbling around and get well."

Owens, who graduated from Plantation High School in Sunrise, Fla., has played the last two games on a sprained ankle.

"Right now, I have three and a half guys," Garner said. "He's a peg leg. He doesn't have the power, the punch, things like that. I really need him to get well. I need that bad, really bad."

Owens, the most consistent defensive tackle on the team when he's healthy has 18 tackles this year but only four of those have come in the last two games. He had one tackle against Vanderbilt.

Owens didn't see any witch doctors, he said, but his ankle is much better this week. He estimates he's 95 percent healthy this week.

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