Troy Week: Sunday Teleconference

Richt held his weekly teleconference Sunday to look ahead to the Bulldogs' match-up with Troy.

Q&A Responses:

On the offensive line's improved blocking:

"I think the ratio is getting more in favor of our line blocking well on successful runs. There are still some runs with not a lot of blocking and Knowshon created space and moved here and there. But the ratio is much stronger toward our o-line providing space. But it was also our tight ends, fullbacks and receivers. Everybody blocked in this game. That was exciting to see."

On why they ran so many runs to the left early against Florida:

"It just happened to be that some plays ended up on a certain hash. It was more coincidence than anything else. A lot of our plays are run checks, and depending on how they line up that's what side we go to. They happened to line up in certain ways that made our check to the left side. The reason we ran so much early is because we were having success and didn't feel like we needed to throw it."

On the celebration following the first touchdown:

"That thing became a bigger mess than I expected it to be. We spent a few games playing at a high level, and we played a few at a very low level when it came to the emotion it takes to win a big game. We felt what it feels like to do it against Oklahoma State and Alabama, but against Tennessee we had very little emotion and at Vandy we spent a lot of time looking at each other and waiting for something to happen. We didn't want that to happen again. We were going to create excitement. I told the team that if they didn't get a celebration penalty after our first touchdown and I was going to be upset with them and run them. I could sense some of the guys during the week starting to get ideas in their head of how they were going to do it, but I didn't want it to be an individual act. I spoke to the group after chapel before the game. I wanted to make sure they all understood that the celebration should be a team thing, not anyone's individual on his own. It was going to be a team celebration, and just once. We weren't trying to disrespect anyone. I can see now that if tempers had flared it could have been bad, but our goal was never to stomp on a logo or flaunt anything in someone's face, but just to get excited to score a few points."

On their position in the SEC East heading into November:

"We're going to let everyone else talk about where we are and might end up being. We're going to talk about Troy and take it one game at a time. We're not talking about anything else. We'll leave that to the fans if they want to."

On people's reaction to the celebration:

"I think everyone enjoyed it. People who know me well enough know I wasn't trying to disrespect anyone. Some people tried to compare it to Vandy. I think to stomp on someone's logo at the end of a game is a slap in the face and an act we don't want. This situation was strictly made to sacrifice 15 yards for the emotion it may give us. Everyone seemed to think it did jack the boys up, and it may have been a factor in helping us win the game."

On still preserving Caleb King's redshirt:

"Caleb was getting work and learning what to do. He was coming along pretty well, but it's evident that Jason Johnson had a better grasp of what's going on, and he should. He's a senior and has been around a long time. And we also think that Knowshon seems to have a lot of energy. It's still in Caleb's best interest not to get in there unless there's a true emergency, which we didn't feel there was."

On Stafford's deep TD passes:

"We didn't throw a lot, but when we did we did it well. The two deep balls were fantastic. There were also a couple third down seam routes to Bailey, and he made those look easy to throw and they're not. He threw the difficult balls extremely well. He was audibling those as well. He probably audibled at least 60-70 percent of the game, down after down, in a pretty hostile environment."

On Troy's victory over Oklahoma State earlier in the year:

"I know about Troy, and they always have tremendous athletes. They have SEC-caliber athletes on their team, at least they have in the last five-to-10 years. They're a very well-coached team. I'll say that it was a surprise to see them beating Oklahoma State as badly as they were, but just the fact that they were beating them didn't shock me at all because I know they're a very good football team."

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