Dawgs and Vols: Hits and misses

Hits and misses: Thoughts on the Georgia - Tennessee game.


The Tennessee run defense

We all know that Georgia can run the ball; at least they did last week against the big bad Crimson Tide. But this week was a different story all together. Tennessee's front looked like the Tennessee defense of 1998. They punished Georgia all game long and allowed only 62 yards rushing, 25 of which came on Tony Milton's back breaking run in the fourth quarter.

Georgia special teams

Once again, Georgia made a huge play on special teams. This time the play came early in the game and gave Georgia a small lead. Reggie Brown ran past the Tennessee line untouched and blocked the Vols' punt attempt. The play resulted in a safety and Georgia never lost the lead in the game from that point on.

Richt's 4th down call

Mark Richt made the right call in on the 4th and 2 with the game on the line in the fourth quarter. Too many bad things could have happened with either a field goal or punt attempt. The length of a field goal would have forced Billy Bennett to kick the ball lower and therefore it could have been blocked and in Richt's words "Tennessee could have blocked it and then scooped and scored" for the win. Jonathon Kilgo was not on target at all Saturday so a pooch punt was out of the question. Therefore, with little time remaining, and Tennessee needing touchdown to win and considering the field position, the right call was made, even if it would have failed. But it didn't.


Georgia inability to finish off their opponent

In every game this season Georgia has been up more than 10 points on its opponents. The Dawgs have yet to put any big name teams away after earning double digit leads. That must change, because it is looking more and more like this team is going to be playing for some sort of title by the end of the year. And that game will be against a team that has a capable quarterback that is able to lead his team to a comeback win over Georgia. Watch out Dawgs, knock them out when you have the chance, had you done that all season long, this team would be considered more good than lucky. Right now, most think that it is the other way around.

Jonathon Kilgo

I love Kilgo, but he simply was not "on" yesterday. That, among other reasons was probably why Richt chose to go for it on 4th and ball game in the 4th quarter.

The running game

Two things happened that stopped Georgia from running the ball successfully. The first was the Tennessee defense, enough said there. The second was the fact that Musa Smith got banged up during the game, which forced Georgia into a strange personnel predicament. If Georgia, who is now firmly in the SEC East driver's seat, plans on wining the division, or even the conference, the running game will have to look a lot more like it did during the Alabama game and a lot less than it did during the Tennessee game.

Other Misses

Jim Donnan, again

Old Coach seems to be oblivious to Georgia's 6-0 start. This week in his weekly ramblings on ESPN.com, he failed to mention Georgia's huge win over Tennessee. But he did spotlight the Boise State - Tulsa game as well as the Marshall - Buffalo, which were much larger than a match up between two top 10 teams.

All sarcasm aside, Donnan knows the magnitude of this win (perhaps he doesn't considering his 1-4 record against the Vols), and because he does he should have given Georgia its due credit.

South Carolina fans on their hopes to win the SEC

Several of the callers on South Carolina's 5th quarter show were calling in talking about how great is was to be in sole possession of 2nd place in the SEC East and the possibility of USC winning the SEC East.

The Cocks are currently 3-1 in the SEC with wins over lowly Vandy, Mississippi State, and Kentucky. Those teams are a collective 0-8 in the SEC; not exactly world-beaters. Carolina's enthusiasm will likely be tabled this week when they visit LSU in Death Valley. After that the Cocks only have to beat Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida, and hope that Georgia loses at least two more conference games to win the East. Let's try our hardest to get back to reality Carolina fans; your perception of the Cocks is way off.

Dean Legge has been covering the Georgia Bulldogs for over 4 years. Please contact him with any questions here: dean@dawgpost.com

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