Troy Week: Press Conference Quotes

ATHENS. - The University of Georgia football team (6-2, 4-2 SEC) held its weekly press conference Tuesday, where head coach Mark Richt and several players addressed the media. The following are selected quotes from Richt and his players.

Opening comments:

"We are excited to be back in the nation's conscious when it comes to college football, it is exciting to be on people's minds. Last weekend made a big difference for us, but people could forget all about us if we don't take care of business this weekend. Troy is a game you wish wasn't on your schedule to be honest. That is a talented team, they won their league last year and they are well on their way to winning it this year. They are undefeated in their conference and have only lost two games, both to SEC teams. I think the least they have scored in a game was 24. They scored 26 points against Arkansas and over 30 against Florida. Troy is a scoring machine and their defense had a shutout last week as well. Earlier this season they played Oklahoma State, which is a good football team, and they jumped all over them and made them look average. Troy has a lot of SEC caliber athletes throughout the program and they have 25 Georgia boys on their roster."

"Coach Blakeney is a great coach, he has been there 17 years and has done a great job and has won a lot of games there. They have upset a lot of BCS-type schools, last year they beat Missouri pretty good. Missouri as well all know is a top-10 team right now. I'm sure he has that team excited to come in here and try to steal one away from us."

On the Troy offense:

"Offensively, Omar Haugabook is a great football player. He is very much like (Florida's) Tim Tebow in how much he means to the offense. He is one of their leading rushers and he is their leading passer, he makes it all happen. I have read that he may or may not play, I wish I knew better what his status was. Sometimes you don't know until game-day, depending on what the injury is. We will be preparing for him. Tanner Jones does play a good bit, if Haugabook doesn't play then they will probably play Tanner and Jamie Hampton in a two-quarterback rotation. Kenny Cattouse is breaking a lot of their records, he is a very good runner as a senior back. DuJuan Harris is their backup runner and he is extremely fast. Their linemen are very good as well. Troy is very good at what is does. They are good at cut blocking, throwing quick passes, they are good on screens, and their overall scheme makes it very difficult to get a sack on the quarterback. Their wide receiving corps as a whole is very, very good. They do it by committee. Gary Banks is their leading receiver but for most part they spread it out, on average hitting 10 different receivers per game. And they catch the ball, you rarely see them drop it. They can score a lot of points."

On the Troy defense:

"I mentioned that they have SEC-type athletes, I see a lot of guys on their roster that we recruited and others recruited. There is a guy named Chris Bradwell that we recruited, but Florida State won out on him. He had to take another road and ended up at Troy, but he is one of their better interior defensive linemen. The middle linebacker Boris Lee is leading the team in tackles, he is very physical. We think their strength is on the perimeter. Their safeties will light you up, they will hit you extremely hard. They are good tacklers and try to punish you. Leodis McKelvin is their best corner we think and we have talked to some NFL scouts that think he is a top draft pick. We think he is the best we have played against to this point and I think the draft will prove that. Their other corner, Elbert Mack, is outstanding also and they play the ball well in the air."

On the Troy special teams:

"Greg Whibbs is their kicker, he is 9-of-10 on field goals and he kicked a 45-yarder, he is doing outstanding. He has also been their punter and as of late they are kicking rugby-style. Not many people are able to get a return against him, he is averaging 43.1 yards per punt, which is very good. It is tough to set up return against that type of punt, the ball is going every-which way and you never know where it will land. McKelvin, their great corner, is also a great return man. He is No. 1 in the United States in punt return average and he has scored six career touchdowns, including three this year, returning punts. He is a threat for sure."

On the play of Georgia's tailbacks:

"I don't know if Knowshon will get as many touches (as he did against Florida) but he will probably get close. Jason Johnson is a solid No. 2 right now. I think he will get a few more carries than he got against Florida and Knowshon may get a few less. I don't know if it would be too wise for him to get 35 touches a game over the life of a career. I think the cooler weather and the fact that there were a lot of television timeouts helped keep him looking fresh, better than if it was a hot, humid day earlier in the season.

"I think Knowshon is helping everyone get excited about playing football. You love having guys on your team that have that spirit and can't contain it. David Pollack was that type of guy and it rubbed off on the whole defense. I think Knowshon's spirit and energy is rubbing off on people, even on the fan base. The team feeds off of him in practice. He does things that are exciting and he plays with energy. Guys look at that and think 'wow, it looks like he is actually having fun in practice'. He is a different type of player."

On the comparison of Moreno to Cadillac Willliams:

"He has some Cadillac in him (former Auburn running back). He may not be as fast as Cadillac. Cadillac and Ronnie Brown both made Auburn tough. I think any one guy can make any team look even tougher than they are. Knowshon is doing very well."

Georgia Player Quotes

Redshirt Freshman Fullback, #49 Shaun Chapas

On maintaining level of emotion through rest of season:

"It's definitely a challenge (to carry emotion from game to game). For me personally, being from Jacksonville, I had been looking forward to that game all year. For these games coming up, we're going to have to practice hard and work hard and go out and be fundamentally sound. We have to do all the right things during the week so that come Saturday we can be really comfortable with what we're doing and really fired up for a victory."

On Florida bragging rights:

"One of the things that was brought to our attention was that during the Coach Richt era, we really have always been underdogs against Florida. I think we were 1-5. That was brought up and was a constant reminder and was something that I took personally, also, not only because I'm from Jacksonville, but also because when I go home I don't want to have to hear the Florida people bragging about the Gators. I was looking forward to this game for a while."

On fullback Jason Johnson:

"Jason's real dependable. We love him. He's a hard hitter, he's a physical player, and he definitely knows what he's doing back there. I'm confident that if he were in for Knowshon, then he would do a great job."

On Knowshon Moreno's energy:

"Since day one, he has always been high energy, so I can't say I am surprised by it. I didn't really know what to expect from him and he has exceeded all of my expectations. He's done a tremendous job with what he has been given."

Sophomore Quarterback, #7 Matthew Stafford

On Knowshon Moreno:

"I think all three of our backs are capable of carrying the load but Knowshon is doing a great job with it. I'm happy for him. He's a high-energy guy and brings a lot of excitement to our team."

On team emotions:

"You can't have the same emotions for 12 weeks in a row. It's impossible. That's why you have to prepare and work hard on fundamentals and things like that, so when emotion wears off you can play your game and work your game plan."

On this weekend's game with Troy:

"They're a really good football team, to tell you the truth. They're fast all over and they have probably the best cornerback we're going to see all year. I know their quarterback is having a good year. They are doing a lot of good things and it's definitely a game we're going to have to be ready for."

Sophomore Cornerback, #2 Asher Allen

On facing Troy:

"As far as Troy, we've obviously started looking at them. We already know about their quarterback and their offense. Looking at the Oklahoma State game you see what they can do. It's another option quarterback we're going against, and he was the player of year in their conference. We're aware of the kind of weapons they have and what they can do."

Junior Linebacker, #44 Marcus Washington

On if he knows the opponents Tennessee has left to play:

"I'm not sure who they have left. All I know is we've got to win. It doesn't matter who they've got left if we don't win."

Junior Defensive End, #99 Jarius Wynn

On why he moved to defensive tackle earlier in the season and why he has moved back to defensive end.

"The reason I moved to defensive tackle was because I wasn't get a lot of production at defensive end, but now I am and they needed some help on the outside."

Junior Defensive Tackle, #90 Corvey Irvin

On if there are players on the team that can keep the emotion going following the Florida game."There's a couple guys on the team that are capable to do that like Fernando (Velasco), Kelin (Johnson) and Matt (Stafford). All those guys are great leaders, and we evolve around those guys."

On Georgia's defense putting up better second half numbers:

"We regroup and go over our mistakes and see what's the hole in the defense. Once we figure all that out, we just go back out and go fast-paced again and don't let up."

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