Monday Morning Ramblings

6-0, 3 In a Row! That has a pretty good ring to it for Georgia fans right now. With Tennessee and South Carolina out of the way and Auburn and Florida falling flat on their faces this weekend, things are looking pretty good for Georgia.

Tennessee brought a beat up team to Athens on Saturday and gave it a valiant effort, but in the end, they were out manned by a Georgia team that is growing more confident by the week. Georgia beat Alabama on the ground and took to the air to beat Tennessee. That's the sign of a good team, one that can beat you in multiple ways. 

We've seen Georgia beat Clemson with special teams. We've seen Georgia beat South Carolina with defense. We've seen Georgia beat Alabama on the ground, and we've seen Georgia beat Tennessee through the air. Can Georgia put it all together in one game when they need to? We don't know; they haven't needed to yet. Coach Mark Richt is doing what it takes to win. 

Some ramblings from the game this weekend: 

  • Early in the 1st quarter, Terrence Edwards became the all-time yardage leader in receptions at Georgia. It was only fitting that his 2 catches that got him the record were tough grabs that he probably would not have made early in his career. Having not played any receiver in high school, Edwards has now made the transition from excellent athlete that plays wide receiver to good receiver that is an excellent athlete.
  • Georgia Special Teams continue to dominate opponents. Reggie Brown's blocked kick early in a tight game was huge. Also, Billy Bennett's field goal to close the second quarter after good clock management was crucial. Points were at a premium, and Bennett's field goal was clutch.
  • Speaking of special teams, Boss Bailey looked like superman going up high for that blocked field goal. Watching him all season, it was clear that he was going to get one eventually. He did, in the biggest game of the season.
  • Michael Johnson got the most extensive, important playing time of his career, and he made the most of it. Kudos to Coach Richt for sitting any player for any game if they aren't playing the way he wants them. One of the criticisms of Coach Jim Donnan was that he played favorites. When Fred Gibson started the game on the bench, Richt removed any lingering doubts about what it takes to play for him.
  • Who would have thought Georgia could win the game with Musa Smith rushing for 35 yards and Fred Gibson catching 1 pass for 2 yards? Multiple weapons are a luxury that most teams do not have.
  • A top 10 ranking certainly has its benefits; not the least of which is having Jill Arrington on the sidelines 2 weeks in a row.
  • Michael Munoz looked like he was blocking in The Waterboy as he led James Banks on a big 3rd quarter run. Unfortunately for Tim Jennings, on the receiving end of the block, he isn't much bigger than Adam Sandler.
  • Shedrick Wynn has certainly made an impact since he's been back. Staying home on 4th and 2 and dropping James Banks for a big sack helped put an exclamation point on his return.
  • David Pollack may not be big enough or fast enough according to some, but he ran down CJ Leak and James Banks for sacks in the second half.
  • Finally, I like the fact that Coach Richt does not go into the "Prevent Offense" when killing the clock. Many people talk about the dreaded prevent defense, but 3 runs and a punt are just as common in football. On Georgia's last drive, David Greene was still throwing the ball, and for the 2nd time this year, Richt has relied on his veteran offensive line to drive the last nail in the coffin of both Clemson and South Carolina.

Other action around the country. 

  • Iowa State is going to get a major bowl bid regardless how they finish the season because they will be a huge TV draw. Most college football fans in the country want to see Seneca Wallace play a full game. I know I do. Each week his ESPN highlights look like a career highlight reel.
  • I was surprised to see Florida State sit on the ball at the 25 yard line with time to run at least 3 more plays. A 42 yard field goal is no gimmee in any situation, let alone in the home stadium of the #1 team in the nation with the pressure of 3 "wide rights" sitting on your shoulders. Xavier Beitta missed the kick, but couldn't his team put him in a better position

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