Auburn Week: Sunday Teleconference

ATHENS - Georgia football head coach Mark Richt held his weekly teleconference Sunday to review the Bulldogs' 44-34 victory over Troy and to discuss the upcoming Southeastern Conference rivalry game with Auburn.

Q&A Responses

On gaining confidence as a team:

"We're starting to play better and starting to block better. That's a big key. When you give a quarterback more time and give your running backs more space, they tend to play better when the guys play better up front. We held on to the ball pretty well as far as catching the balls thrown to us. You hate the turnovers; we had so few until the last game. It didn't get out of hand but they came fast and furious. Overall, I do think we are gaining confidence."

On what he's going to tell his team going into Auburn game:

"I know it's been an awful long time since we beat Florida and Auburn in the same year. Auburn has had a lot of success here in Athens. They've also had tons of success in ruining Georgia's hopes for SEC titles in years past, as we have returned the favor in years past too. With this game always coming so late in the year, there were many times where we've spoiled their party and they've spoiled ours. I'm sure that will come into play too."

On Auburn QB Brandon Cox:

"He's playing well right now. He's always been a very efficient passer his whole career. He had a game that he's not used to having against us last year. I don't know why it happened, but I'm sure he'll be wanting to play well considering what happened a year ago."

On Thomas Brown's progression:

"Thomas is coming right along. He has a chance to play in this one. He's motivated to. There is nothing tomorrow in any kind of pads, so Tuesday will be interesting to see what he's able to do. We're going to start working him this week like he's got a shot to play."

On how the running back situation will change with Thomas Brown playing again:

"I don't know yet, but a lot depends on how he comes back. We're not going to try to predict anything right now."

On trying to keep a balanced offense against an Auburn defense that has been great at stopping the run:

"We're not going to abort the run. We're going to attempt to keep the balance we've had in the past. That's when we play the best."

On Asher Allen and Ramarcus Brown both returning kicks:

"We're working them both. Sometimes Asher is gassed. He plays a lot of reps on defense. He's playing both the corner and the nickel, so he doesn't get much rest when the defense is out there. Sometimes after the opponent has a long drive Asher might be gassed so you want someone else out there. We gave Ramarcus a shot. He has ability, no doubt. But any time someone new is out there there's always a chance of getting hit hard and the ball coming out. That's the one thing you concern yourself with the most."

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