Officially Ridiculous

ATHENS – It probably won't hurt Georgia's feelings any if it never sees Penn Wagers' officiating crew again.

Wagers and his team of officials called the No. 10 Bulldogs for a season-high 10 penalties for 98 yards in a 45-20 win over Auburn on Saturday. It's the same crew that officiated Georgia's raucous win over Florida three weeks ago. The Bulldogs were flagged for their previous season-high (seven penalties for 77 yards) in that game.

Richt wondered after the game if he had said something during the Florida game to upset the crew, specifically the linesman who worked Auburn's sideline.

"I told the official on our side, ‘Please tell him if I did anything in the Florida game that upset him I was sorry.' He said he would do that at halftime, so maybe that helped," Richt said.

Georgia was whistled four times in the first half and five in the second and finished with two personal fouls and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Both of Auburn's touchdown drives were helped by 15-yard penalties that had Richt and defensive coordinator Willie Martinez throwing up their hands on the sideline.

There were a lot of things that happened that I didn't really understand completely," Richt said. "I was much more animated in the first half with the officials, and it really didn't do me much good so I didn't say a word to them in the second half. I just prayed, and it worked better."

Reshad Jones was called for roughing Auburn quarterback Brandon Cox on what appeared to be the most questionable call of the game.

"I don't think it was roughing the passer," he said. "I think it was a good play. They were making some petty calls, but we just had to keep fighting, keep playing."

Georgia also lost an instant replay challenge on a play where Mikey Henderson was ruled out of bounds on a long pass play and had to give back the ball when an Auburn fumble was reversed on instant replay.

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