2009 OL Johnstone takes visit to Athens

ATHENS - Taylor Johnstone talks about his visit to Georgia.

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Quentin Grant: What were your thoughts on the "Black Out"?

Taylor Johnstone: I thought that was awesome.

QG: Were you surprised by the number of fans that wore black?

TJ: No, I wasn't surprised by the fans at all because I had seen it all week on facebook and places like that. I was really surprised that they wore the black jerseys which I thought was really awesome.

QG: What were your thoughts on the game?

TJ: They were playing really well and then they got a whole bunch of penalties, but then they seemed to finish really strong at the end.

QG: What all did you do during your visit today?

TJ: My mom went with me and we got there and checked in around noon. Then we met some of the coaches and ate. Then we went to the Dawg walk and to warm ups before the game started.

QG: Which of the coache did you speak with today?

TJ: I talked to Coach Bobo and Coach Searles.

QG: Who are you hearing from besides Georgia?

TJ: Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Clemson, Auburn, and a whole bunch of other schools.

QG: Do you see yourself going back again soon to Georgia?

TJ: I could definitely see myself going for another visit sometime.

QG: Did you enjoy your visit?

TJ: Yes I really enjoyed my visit today.

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