Ros: Sanford like I've never seen it before

ATHENS - Bryce Ros has been to many Georgia games in his young life but has never experienced anything like he experienced on Saturday at Sanford Stadium.

Quentin Grant: Everyone's been talking about the Black Out and the black jerseys, what were your thoughts about it?

Bryce Ros: When they came out in the black it almost brought tears to your eyes. It was awesome. I have never seen Sanford erupt like that, it was incredible.

QG: You've been to a ton of games there, is that the best atmosphere you have ever experienced in Athens?

BR: I've been there a million times and to go there and have that type of eruption it was incredible. I've been there for a lot of huge games and I've never heard it go that insane anywhere. I've been to Auburn plenty of times as a matter of fact I was at Auburn when they beat LSU last year and I've never heard a stadium go crazy like that.

QG: Was it just the black jerseys that was different about yesterday or was it something else?

BR: I think Coach Richt is doing a great job with everything, and they were just really ready to play. I talked to the coaches before hand and they said they had a great week of practice and they were really ready to play.

QG: Does being in that atmosphere yesterday make you want to be a Bulldog even more?

BR: It excites you a lot and I'm really looking forward to it.

QG: How did you enjoy your visit besides the game?

BR: It was awesome. I got to hang out with a bunch of the guys and it was a really good time.

QG: What do you think about Georgia's improvement this year from where they were just a few weeks ago to where they are now?

BR: The losses to Carolina and Tennessee were huge losses. I wish Georgia could play both of them now with the way they are playing because I think they would blow both of them out of the water.

QG: How did your season end up this year?

BR: We ended up 6-4 and missed the playoffs by one game. I think it's just a testament to how hard our region is. All four of the teams we lost to were in the top 10 at one point in the season so we had a pretty tough schedule.

QG: Now that football is over for you what do you do with the rest of this year?

BR: I lift weights, and I'm on the power lifting team at my high school but I don't play any other sports.

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