2009 QB Luallen takes in Athens

ATHENS - Indiana QB Jordan Luallen discusses his trip to the Auburn - Georgia game.

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Parker Morgan: What coaches did you see when you got to Georgia?

Jordan Luallen: Me and my receiver went down there. They're recruiting the both of us. His name is Luke Swift. The first person we saw was coach Eason. Him and Luke have a pretty good relationship so him and Luke talked a little bit and I talked along with them. Coach Bobo came over and we talked to him for a while. Those were pretty much the two main coaches we talked to. I didn't really see coach Richt out there at the little recruiting section before the game, so we didn't get to talk to him. But last week when we went down there we talked to him. For the most part we just talked to coach Bobo and coach Eason because those are the ones mainly taking care of our recruiting.

PM: Did you talk to any of the guys already committed to Georgia?

JL: I didn't really get a chance to talk to any of the commits but I did get a chance to talk to Michael Tamburo from North Gwinnett and Zach Mettenberger from Oconee County because I've known them for a while from just camps and stuff. I actually went over to Mikey's game on Friday against Norcross and got to see him play.

PM: The big thing this week was the blackout. What was that atmosphere like?

JL: The blackout was just amazing. Just seeing how all the fans really took to it well. I probably only saw a handful of people wearing red. It was just great to see all those people just come out and really support their team, this being such a big rivalry and everything. I think the Georgia guys really needed something to give them a little boost and I think that definitely was part of it. Everything was just amazing. I've been to some Georgia games. I went to the Georgia Tech game last year as a recruit and stuff, but this topped them all. It was just amazing. It was head over heels better than every one I've been to.

PM: What visits are you planning to take? Where have you already been?

JL: I've been to three Georgia games, and I've been to two IU games because IU's the school that's offered me so far already. I'm going back down to IU this weekend with a bunch of my teammates. We're all going to go down and make the IU – Purdue game. That'll be a good game. I've been to Michigan already. Iowa had asked me to come down this next weekend, but I already made prior commitments to IU. So, I don't think I'll be taking any more besides this one to IU.

PM: What schools would you say are showing you the most interest?

JL: Right now I'd say the most that I'm getting interest from is definitely Georgia and IU. And then along with them the schools that are giving me a lot of interest are Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Clemson, and recently Alabama started sending me a lot of stuff, and Duke.

PM: Are you planning to come back down to Georgia any time soon?

JL: I'd love to come back down to Georgia. I know coach Bobo is coming up here to see me and Luke in December. He said he wanted to sit down and talk with me, my dad, and my coaches. I love Georgia. I've got a lot of family down there. I love the state of Georgia. I love UGA. Everything's awesome about it. I'd like to take as many visits as I can down there. I've been going to those camps since I was like in sixth grade. Whenever they want me to come visit, I'm going to go, because I love going down there.

PM: Would Georgia rank amongst your favorites so far? Do you have any kind of list like that?

JL: Georgia is my favorite school. Growing up as a kid I was a Georgia fan, and I've just always been a big fan of the bulldogs. I'd definitely say they're my favorite school right now, just because of how I've grown up. I'm keeping my recruiting process open right now, because I only have one offer. So I'm just waiting to see what else happens with that. Georgia as a school is definitely my favorite school. It's got what I'm looking for with academics and everything.

PM: As a recruit, what has your opinion been of the apparent change in attitude coach Richt has had with the celebration at Florida and the blackout this week?

JL: I think it's really great. I think this team, you know they took a couple of losses pretty early in the season, and I really think they needed something to boost them up. What coach Richt has done I think has been really great. Some people might kind of frown upon it, especially what they did at Florida and stuff, but I think that was kind of a team building thing. And the same thing he's doing with the blackout, he's just trying to bring the Georgia football community together. I really think that's awesome. I like to see that in a program and in a coach because it really shows how much he cares about these guys.

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