Johnson's visit a surprise like black jerseys

ATHENS – Georgia wasn't supposed to wear black jerseys this weekend. Patrick Johnson wasn't supposed to visit – both happened and both helped Georgia's chances with him.

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"I have been wanting to take a trip to Georgia to see how they operate. It was a true big-time atmosphere," Johnson said of his trip.

The South Florida native indicated that while his trip may not have been common knowledge, he always knew that he was interested in taking in the SEC power. Still, Johnson will take his final official visit to Southern Cal the first week of December. Then he will make his final choice on the school he will be attending.

Johnson's visits at the expense of his commitment to Miami – the talented senior has opened his recruiting back up, but could still wind up playing for the Canes.

"I want to win a championship right now," Johnson admitted. "I am not knocking Miami, but I want to win now. I may go there, but I want see what other folks have to offer."

Georgia, as it turns out, offered something no one else has yet given Johnson – his best single experience of recruiting yet. He was in the locker room when the Bulldogs were given their black jerseys. The moment was not lost on Johnson.

"I was in there and the energy just blew the roof off. That was a great experience for me," he said. "That was the best experience I have had so far in recruiting."

Will that sway Johnson? Time will tell.

"Georgia was telling me that I would be an impact player, and that I would compete for a starting job," he said.

Johnson has formed a pretty close bond with Georgia defensive coordinator Willie Martinez, saying that the pair is in constant contact with one another. The personal relationship with the fellow Floridian will help in the recruiting game, Johnson said, as will Georgia's impressive academic programs for freshmen football players.

"They are on you," he said. "You have to be there as a freshmen early in the morning. The academic staff was awesome."

As far as the Dawgs' chances with Johnson goes, they are "good" he said. But the Dawgs are going to have to fight off fellow SEC powers and USC. Johnson said Florida was "up there" with Georgia, and he's still exploring options at LSU and Miami. The trip to Athens, however, may have been just what Georgia needed to show one of the top recruits in the South.

"I thought it was going to be crazy and they were playing Auburn. I thought the fans were going to be into and they were," he said.

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