Kentucky Week: Sunday Teleconference

Richt held his weekly teleconference Sunday to look ahead to the Bulldogs' match-up with Kentucky.

Q&A Responses:

On how far the emotion of the blackout took the team against Auburn:

"I guess until they (Auburn) scored 17 in a row. It wore off after that. We had to go play ball after that."

On the recent explosiveness of the offense:

"We've just made some big plays. We're throwing some deep balls more than anything. If you take away the deep balls we'd have a lot less offense. That's strictly by numbers. Also, we would not have loosened up defenses enough to run the ball as well as we have. Being able to go deep has opened a lot of things up for us."

On if he thought his team would be in this position after the loss to Tennessee:

"I wouldn't have dreamed that. It seems like three months ago actually. It's just amazing what's happened since then really. This is college football."

On why Matthew Stafford is able to throw the deep ball better now:

"If you do anything enough you get better at it. That's just part of it. He understands he doesn't have to just throw it to a spot. He can take time to see where a guy is and place it where his receiver will have the best opportunity to catch it. Some guys think about throwing it out there and making the receiver go get it. It's not that easy sometimes. If a guy is defending well, you have to decide whether to throw it short, give it more line or more air. Or you have to throw firmer in two-deep coverage. There are a lot of different deep ball throws. The more you do it the better you get."

On changes in Kentucky's team since last year's game:

"They had a good team last year. We knew that and we witnessed it firsthand what it was like to get beaten by them. It's just some other folks got to feel it this year. They're a very good team. They have lots of weapons on offense and their defense is playing much better. Their special teams is outstanding as well. They know what they're doing out there."

On higher scoring in college football this year and if this weekend's game will be a high-scoring affair:

"(With the rule changes you get a) number of plays back and it's now a shorter field to go on the opening kickoff and all kickoffs for that matter. It might just be a year where some defenses are down. Could this be a high-scoring affair? If both teams reach their averages it would be a high-scoring game. I'm not sure how it's going to unfold. Scores this year have been higher for the most part. It doesn't seem there are any truly dominating defenses when you look around nationwide. Everyone is vulnerable. No one is stumping everyone they play."

On the defense getting more interceptions:

"They're catching the ball now. I told Kelin (Johnson) after the first play of the game that just knocking the ball down would have been great. But there's nothing like snatching it up and having the confidence to make that play and catch the ball, and not to just defend but to take the offensive attitude that it's as much my ball as it is their ball."

On Kentucky quarterback Andre Woodson:

"He's going to do his damage out of pocket mostly. He's not a big-time runner, though he's mobile enough to hurt you across the line of scrimmage if he needs to. He's got a great assortment of weapons with backs, receivers and tight ends, and everyone can catch. And they have a great scheme. He's a guy that statistically has done the most throwing the football, and then he's pretty good. Everyone realizes he's going to be a high draft pick, and rightfully so."

On the amount of penalties lately:

"As of late the guys have been a little more jacked up to play and they've had a little harder time of keeping from some things happening. I told them we want to be excited and play hard, but we still have to play with a certain amount of discipline or we'll give the thing away. We have to play emotionally without letting the emotion get in the way of good judgment."

On Georgia's position in the SEC race:

"We win no tiebreakers, so we can't get in (the SEC Championship game unless Tennessee loses). Winning is the only thing we can control. We don't want to miss this opportunity then if something happens afterward think of what could have been. We have to play with all our heart this weekend against Kentucky. We couldn't (beat them) last year and the No. 1 team in the country couldn't do it this year."

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