Offense? Defense? Just Sign Him!

Georgia Commitment Richard Samuel is a 5-Star prospect on that excels on both sides of the ball. See him in action as a senior as he makes big plays on offense, defense, and special teams.

Richard Samuel, a 6-1 and 215 pound running back/linebacker from Cartersville, Ga., was one of Georgia's first commitments of the year. He is rated 5-Stars by, and he is currently listed as a running back.

He could just as easily be a highly ranked linebacker.

Samuel plays both sides of the ball with an "attack" mentality. He's bigger and faster than nearly anyone he plays against, and he shows it.

Watching him lower his shoulder into a defender or turn the corner and outrun him on offense is a scary site for defensive coordinators. Then to see him chase down a screen pass in the flats on defense makes offensive coordinators worry how to scheme against him.

Maybe my favorite part of watching Richard Samuel play though is special teams. There's a saying that says "you can't measure a player's heart".

I agree with that, but I've always said it's easy to tell if he's got one or not; just watch him play special teams when he doesn't get the ball.

This highlight video is chock full of big plays on offense and defense from one game, but keep an eye on the two kickoffs that are included. On one, Cass executes a short onside kick. Samuel races the ball and blows up the player that the ball was aimed at. The second was Samuel acting as a one man wedge on kick off return. He hit the player so hard, he shook up his own teammate who he had launched the Cartersville player into.

Offense? Defense? Doesn't really matter. Not when players play like Richard Samuel Plays.

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#22 RB/LB Richard Samuel

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