Lomax coming on strong

ATHENS – Junior defensive end Jeremy Lomax played one his best games against Auburn, head coach Mark Richt said.

Actually, there's no debate, Lomax said. It was his best game, not to mention the most fun he's had on the football field in a while.

"I went out there just laid back, playing like I was in high school again," he said. "I didn't really worry about keeping contain. (Defensive ends coach Jon) Fabris talks about keeping contain, but I just went out there and played, just played relaxed."

The 6-foot-4, 245-pounder played 23 snaps and registered two tackles and his third sack of the season. He also broke up a pass.

"He's not the biggest or strongest guy, but he played with tenacity. He played with spirit. He played with passion," Richt said. "If you do that, you just play better if you don't forget your assignment in the process."

Fabris even forgave Lomax for letting his mind wander from his containment responsibilities.

"He gave me one of them ol' Fab smiles, man," Lomax said. "That's good enough for me."

Lomax put on 12 pounds in the offseason and has felt the difference, but being more relaxed has made a bigger impact on his performance, he said. He totaled six tackles in his first two seasons.

"I was playing a little timid, didn't want to mess up, afraid (Fabris) was going to take me out, but I just went out there (against Auburn) and gave it my all," he said. "I feel great, I want to go out there and do it again every week.

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