Kentucky Week: Wednesday News and Notes

ATHENS - Parker Morgan's news and notes from Wednesday's practice.

SENIOR DAY: Georgia will honor it's 23 seniors prior to kickoff against Kentucky on Saturday, and head coach Mark Richt said he would appreciate it if everyone was in the stands early to thank them.

"At the 16 minute mark, the seniors are going to be honored. And it sure is a lot better honoring them when everybody is in the stands. I know it's asking a lot. It's early. But if everybody could get in those stands by 20 minutes prior to kickoff and be settled in time to really honor our seniors when they go through the gauntlet of teammates to the 50 yard line to meet their parents – that'd be big," he said.

Asher Allen said that it's hard to understand how important the seniors are, and that the rest of the guys don't want to let them down on that last game.

"You just know how much it means to them. You just want to do nothing but your best for them," he said. "Everybody knows that when it's your time, you want everybody to play for you, so you just want to make sure that you do your best for them."

Kickoff is scheduled for 12:30 P.M.

CHANGE IN ATTIUDE: After some questionable calls in the Auburn game, Richt realized he might not be helping the situation with his constant badgering of the officials. In fact he's decided to take a different approach the rest of the year.

"I'll say this," Richt said."I've been getting a little too carried away probably, on that end. I don't know if you noticed me in the second half; I just kept my mouth shut."

"I'm just going to be extremely polite and gentlemanly from here on out," he said.

KEEPING PLAYERS INFORMED: With the arrest of Billy Humphrey on weapons charges, Richt and his staff were sure to remind their players of the relevant laws in hopes of avoiding a similar incident.

"You've just got to keep reminding them of the rules," he said. "We actually read a memo out today just to help remind anybody."

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