Kentucky Week: What We Are Hearing

ATHENS – Dean Legge gives you some inside scoop in this addition of What we are hearing.

Last weekend will go a long way in pushing 2009 and maybe 2010 prospects to Georgia. The Blackout and everything involved with it got the attention of the youngsters who arrived for unofficial visits to take in the game. The crowd was nuts, but the black jerseys themselves may have been the most popular hit with the kids.

With that said I don't think we are going to know about the popularity of this past weekend for a few months. When Georgia's class of 2009 starts taking shape I think many of them will point back to Georgia's win over Auburn and use that as the moment when they picked the Dawgs in their hearts. I don't think last weekend can be undersold.

With that said one has to wonder where Clemson commit A.J. Harmon is with everything now. Tommy Bowden is almost assuredly not going to be fired, which means it's a slam dunk that Harmon will play ball in Death Valley. So why does he continue to show up for Georgia's home games?

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What We are Hearing

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