Focus on game at hand, not BCS

The fact is that all of the talk about a SEC title game, or even the Fiesta Bowl is premature.

There is a lot of excitement and joy surrounding this year's football team, and for good reason. They have accomplished many things including: beating Alabama for the first time ever in Tuscaloosa; stripping whatever luster was remaining on the Tennessee football program; and winning the South Carolina state football title.

But even with all of the accomplishments and the accolades that come with them, this team needs to focus one game at a time.

This "frontrunner" thing is unknown territory for Georgia. They have not been in the driver's seat for the SEC East crown since the conference was split up. And with a win over Vandy, Georgia will likely be in the top 3 or 4 in the BCS on Monday.

But hold it right there.

Who cares about October BCS rankings? The only BCS ranking that matters is the final one. The only way that the final BCS rankings will matter to Georgia is if they win every game. And the only way to win every game is to take it one opponent at a time.

It sounds simplified. And that is precisely the problem. It's a trap that teams fall into; or a Lewis Grizzard might call it a "Ho ax". 

It sounds so easy. But when a team is thinking more about the Florida game than a night trip to a dangerous Kentucky team, or when a team starts looking forward to a game at Auburn more than concerning themselves with a dangerous Ole Miss team, they might have placed themselves in the trap.

Even more pressing right now: when a team concerns itself with anything more than Vanderbilt the week of the Vanderbilt game, they are liable to be ambushed at home.

The fact is that all of the talk about a SEC title game, or the Fiesta Bowl is premature. Because even if Georgia somehow runs the table from this point on, they might not even play for the national title.

Just like Mark Richt said earlier this week, "if we lose one, then we are out." This week, the focus is squarely on Vanderbilt, not the BCS.

Dean Legge has been covering the Georgia Bulldogs for over 4 years. Please contact him with any questions here: dean@dawgpost.com

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