Tech Week: Sunday Teleconference

ATHENS - Already having defeated rivals Florida and Auburn, Georgia football head coach Mark Richt discussed the upcoming rivalry game with Georgia Tech in his weekly teleconference Sunday after recapping the 24-13 win over Kentucky that clinched at least a share of the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division title for the Bulldogs.

Q&A Responses:

On both UGA and UK being held well below scoring averages:

"Right now nothing surprises me when it comes to college football. On any given day a defense will do well or an offense will struggle some. It wasn't that surprising really."

On why the defense has been improving:

"I think just pretty much like with any team, if you keep working on fundamentals though the year and doing the right things in practice, they're going to keep getting better as the season goes along. And we've also been relatively healthy. We've had some guys out here and there, but for the most part we've had a good amount of guys healthy throughout the year. Rennie Curran has really given us a boost in his ability to play with a lot of instinct and speed. He's a direct hitter. We've also been able to play with a lot of depth. Our defensive linemen have been rotating a lot as have our linebackers and secondary more than ever. We have kept them fresh and they've all gotten better as the season has gone along."

On the linebacker trio of Dannell Ellerbe, Rennie Curran and Akeem Dent:

"I would have to say that they are the most improved unit. The secondary has improved quite a bit as well. The whole defense has improved, but I'd have to say the linebacking corps is much more solid than earlier in the season."

On Tennessee coming back to beat Vanderbilt:

"It wasn't like I saw it as it was happening. I was in my press conference while the writers were giving me updates, but it was tough to visualize it. It wasn't until I was getting out of the locker room area that I talked to my wife, and someone had told her that Vanderbilt had missed the kick. It was definitely disappointing. We'd love to play in the SEC Championship game. If it was Tennessee's last game in the league it would have hurt worse. We're going to hold out hope that Kentucky can take care of business and give us that opportunity."

On Georgia Tech:

"I do think they are getting better and better each year. They are an extremely well-coached bunch. They play hard. When you watch teams play and study them, you notice how fast and hard they play, and Georgia Tech plays extremely hard. They are also disciplined in what they are trying to accomplish. They're a tough football team. They have all the things that you look for in a team as far as what coaches can control. They do an outstanding job."

On the possibility of making a BCS bowl regardless of making it to SEC title game or not:

"Our guys understand that. They understand there's a very good possibility of being able to have a BCS opportunity if we win regardless of what happens in the Kentucky and Tennessee game. Just playing Georgia Tech alone though is plenty of motivation for our guys to get ready to play."

On if underclassmen understand the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry:

"It depends on where they're from. If Knowshon Moreno (Belford, N.J.) played as a true freshman last year, he probably would not have had a good sense of the rivalry. But then you have Rennie Curran (Snellville, Ga.) who is a true freshman who is very aware what it's all about. It has a lot to do with where a kid is from."

On "Finishing the Drill" like the team's motto:

"The seniors had their last game between the hedges, which was huge. Now it's their last regular-season game of the year. We need to finish the drill. We started well, had some bumps in the road, and then hit a run of success and momentum. Let's hang on to that for dear life and try to finish it."

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