What they are saying about Knowshon

ATHENS - Josh Kendall compiles quotes about the freshman running back from around the football world.

Knowshon Moreno

… is the first Georgia running back since Herschel Walker to gain more than 100 yards in five straight games.

"He definitely can walk in the footsteps of some of the great backs we've had here. He's certainly got the potential to be one of the greatest. He sees very well as a running back. A lot of backs may see well, but when he sees and makes up his mind to do something, he makes up his mind in a hurry, and he attacks the area that is open. There is no wasted motion in his decision. He's got a lot of energy, but he doesn't waste any except maybe when the play is over. Great backs have (decisiveness). He probably has it as well as any back I can remember. I don't know that I've known one that did it better than that. I don't think we've had a back that has that spinning ability as well as he does. I don't ever remember seeing one, which is a unique trait of his. And he's certainly got enough speed to go the distance, which he has."

-- Former Georgia coach and athletic director Vince Dooley. Of all the modern UGA tailbacks, Moreno reminds Dooley most of Garrison Hearst.

… lists Walter Payton's autobiography as his favorite football book.

"I think the thing that jumps out at me most of all is his emotion and his genuine love of the game, the way he plays it every play. I watch this kid play, and he doesn't know what down it is. He's thinking it's the last time he's going to touch the ball in his life. I grade players for a living, and there's about two percent of the ones that can play that can't control how much they love to play, and he can't control it. That kind of stuff is infectious. There are not many guys who are like that on Saturday who are not like that the rest of the week. The kid finishes runs and challenges people physically for his size the way Walter Payton used to. He's bringing it to you. You may tackle him, but he's hitting you, man. He has a great combination of power and elusiveness as well and at the same time he's not always willing to be elusive. He wants people to know that he's tougher than they are and he's coming all day."

-- Kansas City Chiefs scout Mike Hagen, who attends most Georgia home games

… has amassed the seventh-best rushing season in school history with his 1,228 yards on 222 carries.

"He certainly has NFL-type ability, but there is a graveyard of young backs who, when it came time to carry the ball 300 times a year three or four years in a row, didn't make it. It's a highly injury-prone position, and obviously the SEC is at a very high level. There's a long way to go in the process, let's put it that way He's got quick feet, and he's got quick decision-making. He sees the hole. He runs north and south. He's got the burst to take the ball long. He takes on safeties and he will run over them. He looks like a kid who could be special, but you have to prove it weekly. When you are talking special you start criticizing every aspect of a kid's game, but he certainly looks like he's got the tools, maybe all the tools."

-- NFL Draft analyst Frank Coyle, publisher of NFL Draft Insiders and www.draftinsiders.com, a New Jersey-based company

… is the nation's second-leading freshman rusher, with 111.6 yards per game. He trails Pittsburgh's LeSean McCoy by less than a yard per game.

… has touched the ball 240 times and 64 of those have resulted in a first down. He has 227 receiving yards on 12 catches to go along with his rushing totals and leads the Bulldogs in all-purpose yards.

"I heard a lot about him in New Jersey (where he has ties because he played for the NFL's New York Giants). Every time I went up there, people would tell me, ‘Watch out for him. He's a great back.' I met him on the sideline of the Georgia-Florida game (in 2006). It looked like he was ready to play then. He was all pumped up, so I knew this guy's motor never stops running, and that's good for a running back. He's not the biggest guy, but he moves and has good vision. He's got all the traits to be a good running back. A big hole, we all can run through it. But it's when nothing ist there and the play is busted up and you make something out of nothing, that it's special. He tends to do that a lot. Anytime you are in the same breath with Herschel Walker that's good, but the thing he has to remember is he is his own self. He doesn't have to worry about Herschel. He has to worry about what he does. One day everybody may be comparing everybody to him."

-- Former Georgia running back Rodney Hampton, who rushed for 2,668 yards with the Bulldogs and went on to a eight-year NFL career.

… has rushed for more yards than all but four freshmen in SEC history – Walker, Tennessee's Jamal Lewis (1,364), Florida's Emmitt Smith (1,341) and Tennessee's Chuck Webb (1,236)

"He kind of gets you excited about the future. He's done great. You hate to give all the props to him because it has been a team thing. No one man can win a game, but he has been a great catalyst for us. I still believe our other senior backs have contributed well. It takes everybody to win, but Knowshon certainly helps."

-- Georgia head coach Mark Richt

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