Tech Week: Kendall's Three Keys

ATLANTA - Josh Kendall's three keys to Georgia's game with Georgia Tech.


Handle the blitz

Georgia three freshman linemen will face something they have never seen in a Yellow Jacket defense that comes from all different directions and almost all the time. Matthew Stafford will feel pressure. He has to resist the urge to throw a ball up for grabs.

Clamp down on Choice

Georgia Tech averages just 183.3 yards per game passing. Bennett is not a consistent threat to make plays in the passing game, so the Bulldogs simply to need to make sure Choice doesn't have a huge game to control the clock.

Keep special teams even

The Yellow Jackets have stayed in a lot of games due to winning the special teams battle decisively. If Georgia can take away that advantage, it will cut out one of Tech's biggest weapons.

One to watch

Quarterback Matthew Stafford lost a bit of concentration last week, missing some open receivers downfield against Kentucky. It didn't hurt the Bulldogs because they were able to run the ball, but for the offense to operate at peak efficiency, he has to make those plays. He will get chances today against the Georgia Tech defense that takes chances. His first order of business should be making good decisions, but he also needs to make a play or two. If he does, this won't be a grind-it-out game for the Bulldogs. Instead, it'll be a blowout.


Georgia has won six in a row in this series, but it hasn't been easy. The last three games have been decided by an average of 5.3 points – 15-12, 14-7 and 19-13. Richt read those scores aloud to his team Monday. "Every one of those we could have lost very easily. I think they all understand that," he said. "Guys that were here last year absolutely understand that it could have gone either way." The Bulldogs say there is very little benefit in being the team with the winning streak in this rivalry. "In some ways, I think it's more pressure," Richt said. "There's a certain amount of pressure added to your team if you've been wining. It's like, ‘What if we lose this year? We're the team that didn't keep it going.'" This Bulldogs team likely will keep it going. The Yellow Jackets have a puncher's chance because they have a defense capable of making big plays and a solid running back, but Georgia Tech's numbers have been amassed against what is widely considered weaker conference opposition. Georgia has not played up to its capability the last three years in this meetings, and it won't this year if it pays too much attention to what is going on in the Tennessee-Kentucky game. If the Bulldogs are focused, they won't have to sweat this year's victory.

Winner: Georgia

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