Dawgs whip Tech: Sunday Teleconference

ATHENS - Georgia football head coach Mark Richt held his weekly teleconference Sunday after the Bulldogs finished the regular season with a 31-17 win over in-state rival Georgia Tech.

Q&A Responses

On the possibility of playing in a BCS bowl:

"We'll be grateful for anything we get. I don't really understand the whole bowl scenario. I'm not even sure if we are guaranteed a BCS bowl at this point. We're just waiting and seeing. We are happy to be where we are right now. We will have a team meeting and make sure me make a strong push academically at the end of the semester. We're excited about getting ready. There will be some running and lifting going on I'm sure. We might even stick a practice in there, maybe once a week."

On Georgia's season:

"We're thankful for what we have. We've had a wonderful season. We finished on a real strong note. We know we will be playing against a strong opponent. We'll be playing in a great bowl. It will be a good experience for our guys."

On the possibility of playing in the Rose Bowl:

"To go to the Rose Bowl would be a lot of fun, because it's one game that I have personally not been able to go to. I have been to all the rest. All of them are tremendous opportunities. Purely from a chance to do something you have never done before, I would say that would be fun."

On Georgia's balance on offense and defense during over the last six games:

"It's good to get that kind of balance in yardage and it if happens on a consistent basis, game-by-game, that's even better. Sometimes at the end of the season you might have 2,000 yards passing and 2,000 yards rushing and say you had a balanced season. But if you had 350 yards passing one game and 350 yards rushing the next game and only 50 yards passing, it's not truly as balanced as you'd like to be. But if it happened game-by-game, that's when you would truly be balanced."

On Knowshon Moreno's health during the Georgia Tech game:

"I don't know exactly what it was, but you could tell he was not feeling well. Not necessarily being sick, but I don't know if it was his shoulder or what, but he won't say anything during a game. He didn't ever come out and hold onto something, but you could tell something was stinging him a little bit. If you run into somebody really hard, it's going to hurt and usually after a while it goes away. Usually it subsides if you are tough enough and he is certainly that."

On Geno Atkins:

"To play him as a true freshman, he was a little bit more advanced that some guys coming in. We had confidence in that. During camp and in spring, he did real well in the pass rush drills. He was just running people back into the quarterback. It wasn't surprising to me that he had a big year."

On Brandon Coutu's injury:

"Ron (Courson) felt like Brandon's hamstring is not a real serious hamstring pull. He certainly pulled it enough where he couldn't go anymore. A lot of times a hamstring can heal in a week or two, and Ron is hoping that is the case. Ron is confident that he will be able to kick in the bowl game."

On if he was surprised that Georgia moved up to fourth in the BCS standings:

"No, not with what happened with Arizona State losing, the Kansas loss and the LSU loss. We were seven, so that makes sense to me."

On if it makes sense that Georgia could finish the season ranked higher than the SEC champion:

"It does because I've seen it before. We saw Oklahoma lose their championship game and play for the national championship four years ago. Just about anything can happen."

On it being reported on Georgia's sideline that Kentucky had defeated Tennessee:

"If you knew you were 100 percent in the SEC Championship game, I was actually going to try to use it as a motivating factor between the third and fourth quarter. I wanted to check and make sure that was the truth and found out that it was not. I'm glad I double-checked before I called everybody up and talked to them about that."

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