Sugar Bowl Picks Georgia

ATHENS - The Georgia Bulldogs have been picked to play in the 2008 Sugar Bowl.

The Bulldogs will take on WAC champion Hawaii on the New Year's Day bowl. The game is televised by Fox and will start at 8 PM.

The Bulldogs finished 5th in the final BCS standings, sliding down one spot after being passed by three teams who won their conference championships - LSU, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma. Ohio State ended the season as the number one choice.

"The only thing I didn't really like about the system now is that the rule states that you don't have to be a conference champion, but it seemed like the media decided that we were automatically disqualified and that was a little disheartening," Richt said on FOX's BCS Selection Show Sunday night.

The Bulldog head coach offered this comment on the BCS as well: "If you are not going to get the thing without winning the conference championship then let's put that into the rules. As the rule states – I don't think that we got a fair chance. I am not saying that we would have gotten it, but at least we should not have been disqualified before it even got started."

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