Offical visit answers Owens' questions

There were only two questions Jonathon Owens was looking to get answered on his official trip to Georgia.

His questions: Where am I going to sleep? Where am I going to practice?

Georgia's staff answered both in what must have been one of the easiest official visits for the Dawgs to handle in some time.

"My trip went well," said the Alabama native. "I got done what I felt like I needed to get done. I wanted to see where we practiced, and I wanted to see the dorms. The number one thing I wanted to see was the dorms. They were a lot nicer than I expected. About the only thing I didn't expect was the basketball team to beat Wake Forest the way they did."

With those two things out of the way Owens took time to enjoy the rest of what will be his new home during his weekend stay. Offensive lineman Chris Davis showed him around much of the time, but Owens met other players, too, like Matthew Stafford.

"Chris said that Searles is tough in practice," Owens said. The senior has taken in a practice and competed at the Mark Richt camp, so he probably has a good sense of what will be expected of him in the future.

"The coaches told me that they want me to get stronger and faster," said Owens when asked about any requirements the staff had for him.

Beyond that, Owens said his trip was about getting to know his fellow commits better. He said he's gotten friendly with a fellow Alabama native.

"I have gotten to know Ben Jones and Richard Samuel pretty well. Ben is pretty hyper," Owens said – likely the understatement of the day.

"When I talked with Coach Richt he just talked about the season they had. He wanted me to make sure to keep my grades up, but that won't be a problem. I am really excited to be playing for Georgia," Owens said. The offensive lineman added that other schools have stopped recruiting him because of his commitment to Georgia.

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