Jackson: Dawgs on the top of the list

Everyone knows that life decisions are difficult to make at times

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That's why it's been hard for Toby Jackson to decide once and for all that he's going to play at Georgia. But if this weekend's trip to Athens was any indication Jackson will sign with the Bulldogs for sure on Signing Day.

"Right now Georgia is on top of my list," Jackson confirmer. "If I had to sign tomorrow I would sign with them. I can see myself playing for Coach Richt and Coach Fabris. You never what might happen. I think I am still going to take a hard look at Alabama and Florida State."

Jackson thinks he will continue to take a look at the Tide and Noles, but he admits he may not. The door may quickly be closing on those two traditional powers because Georgia has been impressive. Also, Jackson is forming the personal connections which usually come before a player signing with a school.

"The whole time at Georgia was great. I really enjoyed my trip a lot. Me and Boykin are real cool, and there are a lot of guys at Georgia that are cool," he said. "I would say that after this weekend and spending time with everyone from Georgia that it's a good home for me. I love it and my family loves it. My family really enjoyed it."

The clincher for the Dawgs, as usual, is their head coach.

"Coach Richt is real big on family and building relationships. Most other schools talk about playing and stuff like that. Coach Richt is different. I can talk with Coach Richt like he's one of my older brothers. He's a real good Christian man. He wants to see people be successful. He cares about what kind of young men they become," Jackson said.

"I want to play for Georgia – that's how I feel right now," Jackson continued. "There is still something in the back of my head telling me to keep my options open. After this weekend I feel like I would really want to play for Georgia."

Still, Signing Day is weeks away, and that is still time for Jackson to take a look at Florida State and Alabama to inspect those two programs to see if they offer him a better situation than the one provided in Athens.

"Alabama has a great program," said Jackson. "I think I would have a good chance of playing real early there. Coach Saban brings a lot to the table. I think he is going to turn them around. There have been some things about Coach Bowden retiring. He will go down as one of the top coaches ever. I wonder a little who would be up for the job if he left, but I a not thinking about that right now. I think Florida State also provides some pretty good opportunities to play early, too."

But Georgia, at this point, may be a little too difficult for the out-of-state programs to beat.

"Right now I am still thinking about if I want to continue looking at other schools at all, or if I want to go to Georgia and be done with looking around," Jackson said.

That can't be what Bowden and Saban want to hear, but its music to Richt's ears.

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