Robinson visits for Gala weekend

Christian Robinson spoke to Quentin Grant about his trip to Athens.

Christian Robinson: We got there Friday night and went to the Gala. We got to see all of the awards they handed out. My host was Rennie Curran, and I just hung out with him. Saturday morning, when we woke up, we went to the Rankin Center and checked out the academics. Then, we ate and just hung out with the other commits. We went to the weight room and the football complex, Butts-Mehere. Then we went to the basketball game. They took me down to the stadium and they showed the highlight tape. We ate dinner.

Then went to Coach Richt's house to have dessert and played ping pong with him and a bunch of other players. Rennie Curran was over there, so I hung out with him. The next morning I woke up and went to church. I went to talk to Coach Richt and Coach Jancek before I left.

Quentin Grant: Can Coach Richt play pink pong at all?

CR: It was close. We were playing to 7. It was 6-6, and then I kind of blew it.

QG: What about Rennie? He seems like a really good guy.

CR: He is. Everything that you hear about him is true. He works hard and sets an example for everybody around him. When I was hanging out with him, there was nothing about him…he's not cocky or anything, he loves football, and he plays it how it should be played.

QG: Is that the kind of guy you want to pattern yourself after?

CR: In the weight room, in his attitude, and on the field…you want to try to be like Rennie. He sets the example of how to do that. People said he couldn't do it, and he's now the All-American. So that shows, if you work hard…everybody they recruit has physical talent so it's just mentally and working your butt off and you can do it. He showed that you can do that.

QG: What are some of your feelings about Coach Richt as you gotten to know him?

CR: He is just a humble man. On Saturday at the basketball game we saw him when we walked in and he was shaking hands because we didn't see him on Friday night. When we sat down they brought out a bunch of popcorn and drinks and he goes and hands them out to everybody. Just that he got up himself and started handing them out just showed that he's a humble guy. There's nothing too small for him to do. The main thing about him is he's humble and he wants football players that are going to do the right thing. He is going to turn football players into men they need to be if they aren't already that way.

QG: Are you going in early?

CR: No, I'm going in in June.

QG: So what do you do now that football is over? What do you do to prepare yourself to go to Georgia?

CR: This was my week off, and then I'm waking up 5 o'clock tomorrow morning and I'm going to swim at our school. Then I have weight training right after that first period. After school I run and do agilities and stuff like that. I had my one week off to rest without football and now I getting back into and getting ready for Georgia. That's the next step and I got to be prepared. In the weight room all of the coaches were talking about how you got to be physically prepared and get ready to play.

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