Southerland: "No chance" of leaving for NFL

ATHENS – Brannan Southerland submitted paperwork to the NFL's underclassman advisory committee, but he doesn't expect to be playing for anyone other than Georgia next fall.

Brannan Southerland Profile

Southerland joined fellow juniors Dannell Ellerbe and Jeff Owens in submitting the paperwork to see where they might be picked in the April draft. Southerland, however, is more curious to see where he might end up more than anything else. He seriously doubts his name will be too high on the list.

"It was purely speculative," Southerland said of sending in the paperwork. "They can say what they want: go ahead and go – stay – whatever. I think personally I just feel (like) finishing out my senior year and getting my degree and spending another year with Coach Ball."

"There is no chance at all (of leaving)," Southerland continued. "I am excited about to have another year here at Georgia. I am really excited that I redshirted that first year. I am not ready to leave."

Southerland admitted that fullbacks are not high on the priority list of most NFL teams. The position has slipped in usage over the last decade in the league.

"There are still things I feel like I need to work on," the junior continued. "I lack 17 hours from getting my degree, and that's something I want to do before I leave. There is just no real chance (of me leaving). I just feel like it would be better for me personally to stay here," Southerland said.

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