Richt concerned with Hawaii run attack also

ATHENS – Hawaii's running game has a bad reputation, but that's not rightfully earned. At least, that's what both Warriors head coach June Jones and Georgia's Mark Richt say.

"We throw the ball, catch it and then we run after the catch, that's our running game," Jones said.

Hawaii's top two running backs average 6.2 yards per carry, but the Warriors average only 79.1 yards per game as a team because of the Warriors' dedication to the passing offense and the fact that yards lost to quarterback sacks count against a team's rushing total.

"We get done what we get done," Jones said.

The Warriors actually have a very good running game, Richt said, it's just disguised as a passing game.

"There are a lot of plays that they will shovel the pass forward," he said.

"There is a very high percentage group of plays that basically substitute for the running game. We might run a draw that goes for 8, he's going to shovel pass it. If you complete a pass for 4 or 5 yards, that doesn't look very fancy, but if you run the ball for 4 or 5 everybody gets jacked up, so why not just throw it?"

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