2008 Sugar Bowl: Kendall's Three Keys

NEW ORLEANS - Josh Kendall's keys to Georgia's 2008 Sugar Bowl game with Hawaii.

Be close to Brennan

Georgia's defensive linemen need to make the pocket small for Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan, but they also need to understand that they may not get many sacks so getting their hands up in passing lanes will be crucial.

Run the football

The Warriors haven't seen a running back like either Knowshon Moreno or Thomas Brown. Georgia's offensive line also should be the best Hawaii has faced. The Bulldogs should be able to make big plays in the running game.

Start fast

Georgia can't allow the Warriors to gain any momentum. Hawaii is a highly emotional team, and if it gets off to a good start, its players will only raise their level of play as the night goes on.

One to Watch

Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford must continue to be patient. It's likely that the Bulldogs will stick with their running game, but there will be some deep passes down the field that could make this game a blowout if Georgia hits them. Stafford's concentration has been known to wander in games he doesn't think are big games. An efficient game by its quarterback will mean the difference between a real struggle and an easy win for Georgia.


While odds-makers and spectators have tabbed this game as Georgia's to lose, Richt says there's no way to know what might happen. "We just don't know what we're up against, and they really don't know what they're up against until we start playing," he said. The game is a contrast of Georgia's smash-mouth, deep-passing game style versus Hawaii's run-and-shoot offense which focuses on timing and mostly underneath passes. "It's going to be an upset (if Hawaii wins), but our guys believe they can play and we're going to make some plays," Warriors head coach June Jones said. "If I'm a football fan, I'm going to watch this game."

Winner: Georgia

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