AJC: Adams' letter to the NCAA

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution obtained a copy of the letter University of Georgia president Michael Adams will send to the NCAA.

Here is the link to Adams' letter in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Adams' letter to the NCAA

"For some twenty years, I have opposed a football playoff system, largely for academic reasons. We at the University of Georgia have one of the few institutions in the country with both a top-20 public academic program and a top-20 athletic program, and I want to keep it that way. For that reason, I remain concerned about any move to lengthen the football season into a second semester. I believe the season already is too long and demands too much of athletes and the universities that serve them.

"But this year's experience with the BCS forces me to the conclusion that the current system has lost public confidence and simply does not work. It is undercutting the sportsmanship and integrity of the game. There are two points that are particularly disturbing:

"1. The increasing concentration of power in one network television company that has shown in this year's bowl selection process the capacity to influence public opinion, including that of the coaches, in an arbitrary way. This one network ownership controls more than two-thirds of the football games broadcast and virtually all of the non-BCS bowls. There are clear built-in conflicts.

"2. The concentration of power among the conference and bowl commissioners, and particularly the lack of opportunity for input into their closed-circle decision-making based on traditional contract alliances. It is time to take the ultimate power out of their hands and give it to the student-athletes on the field.

"This year's experience leads me to believe the only equitable solution is to have an NCAA selection committee place the top eight teams in the four major bowls. The winners of those four games will play in two playoff games on the first Saturday at least a week past the New Year's bowls, with the national championship game between the two winners the following Saturday.

"My concern about extending the season into the second semester still exists, but this would involve only four schools, and only two into the second week. To answer concerns about the wear-and-tear on the student-athletes, I would consider returning the regular season to an 11-game schedule.

"As chairman of the NCAA executive committee, I will propose to Myles Brand and the NCAA board that this playoff process be put into place as soon as contractual arrangements allow and that it be run by the NCAA. I am confident the NCAA has and will have a better record of managing events of this type than the BCS has exhibited to date."

Here is the link to Adams' letter in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Adams' letter to the NCAA

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