Adams is telling it like it is about ESPN

ATHENS – Haters have always pointed their fingers at Michael Adams.

They will continue to do so, and that's never been a problem for the University of Georgia president. Now, however, they may come wielding TV cameras.

I can't say I totally support an eight-team playoff – that seems like four too many to me. I can't say I would love to go back to an 11-game season – it seems one game short now.

I can say, however, that Michael Adams should be applauded for two things today – and both are very important: 1. Moving the discussion forward about the current championship landscape of college football. 2. Bringing the spotlight to Disney/ESPN's role in college football.

Both cost Georgia a shot at the national championship this season.

I am not sure which is more important because they affect one another, with the Rose Bowl being the perfect storm – the college football entity in bed with Disney the most, and an easy target for Dawg fans' frustration with the system. USC vs. Georgia – nope; have fun blowing out Hawaii and Illinois guys… (Thanks Rose, you're the best!) It's also the one player in all of this that will try its hardest (as it seemingly always has) to prevent a true national championship game from happening.

In Adams' letter to the NCAA, which was obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the University president cited "two points that are particularly disturbing" about the currently landscape of college football. One of the two was Disney/ESPN:

"The increasing concentration of power in one network television company that has shown in this year's bowl selection process the capacity to influence public opinion, including that of the coaches, in an arbitrary way. This one network ownership controls more than two-thirds of the football games broadcast and virtually all of the non-BCS bowls. There are clear built-in conflicts."

Built-in conflicts? You think? Not at the Worldwide Leader – the place which seemingly only takes it marquee show on the road to Disney games.

I wonder what ESPN would say about Adams' letter. Would they even acknowledge it? Will we ever hear anything about it coming from the airwaves in Bristol?

Maybe there will be a "report" (wow, the idea of "reporting" and ESPN really shouldn't be in the same article) about how Adams' proposed playoff will work. Maybe an "Outside the Lines" special? Probably not.

Michael Adams knows a thing or three about making people angry, and the folks in Bristol won't be happy when they read his letter, either. You think Michael Adams cares? Bravo Michael Adams, today you did the right thing.

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